Businesses that maximize the potential of AI, while carefully considering its ethical impacts, can transform to unlock value like never before.

Rodrigo Madanes

EY Global Innovation AI Officer

Passionate AI visionary.

Rodrigo is the EY Global Innovation AI Officer. He leads the innovation efforts on AI, co-chairs the LLM center of excellence, and leads the AI startup ecosystem.

Prior to the EY organization, he led business incubation at eBay Europe, developing 0-1 products for the core marketplace. And earlier in his career, at Skype, he was the Chief Product Strategist and GM of Product Design, delivering 3 consecutive years of 100% YoY product-led growth in revenue, profits and new users.

He graduated with a computer science degree from MIT and a PhD from UC Berkeley and has patents for 3 inventions made while at eBay and Skype. In the formative part of his career, he was a developer at Oracle and designed new products at other technology giants. 

How Rodrigo is building a better working world

“I’m fortunate to have played a role in the development of AI from its earliest days. My experience helping to build AI products that deliver excellent user experiences while creating value for organizations has been incredibly exciting and rewarding.

Now, I’m passionate about helping the global EY organization realize the potential of AI to radically enhance how we serve clients. The strategic use of trusted AI and machine learning can support companies to transform into agile, intelligent organizations – ready to navigate a more complex operating environment and build a better working world.

I’m also committed to helping build a robust global AI community and to nurturing our next generation of diverse talent.”

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