Artificial intelligence consulting services

Our approach to the adoption of AI and intelligent automation is human-centered, pragmatic, outcomes-focused and ethical.

What EY can do for you

Our suite of strategy, design, architecture, data, systems integration, program operations and risk services is combined with our deep domain and sector knowledge.

To realize value from AI, you need innovative integration and orchestration of robotic, intelligent and autonomous capabilities at the system level. This transformation can occur in five non-discrete domains:

  • Insights: Discover deeper insights, faster, in ways that augment human cognition
  • Performance: Design systems that learn from data and experience to improve outcomes over time
  • Automation: Leverage robotic, intelligent and autonomous capabilities to transform operations through automation
  • Experiences: Enhance human experiences using systems that predict, sense, learn and move
  • Trust: Design, build and monitor automated systems to promote and sustain trust

Our Consulting team is ready to help you fully realize business benefits from AI.

First, we’ll demystify and help your team understand the value and risks, pragmatically defining the capabilities needed for your organization to adopt and scale AI. Then we’ll work with you to incorporate the robotic, intelligent and autonomous capabilities that will transform and innovate the way you operate and compete in the Transformative Age. – A unifying platform

Facilitated by an ecosystem spanning technology, business and academia, combines experience with our technology platforms to build confidence, create value and augment potential.

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