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A practical guide to EU business travel and posted worker compliance

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This guide provides practical insights into business travel obligations and considerations for employers and posted workers in Europe.

As organizations assess the future of business travel, so too are they assessing how they interact with the evolving world of increased rules and requirements. Employers have the responsibility toward their posted employees and clients to abide by varying legal requirements, while also keeping operational disruptions to a minimum. Organizations and governmental bodies are both increasing investments in digitization initiatives, meaning a digital footprint of tax, immigration and legal compliance or non-compliance can be traced and evaluated.

While addressing business travel needs, programs, and processes, it’s imperative that organizations keep the concerns of their people at the center of mind, aiming to enhance employee satisfaction and the user experience in an already burdensome business travel process.


Paired with the right technology and process, the burden can be alleviated to the extent that employees are traveling compliantly, safely, and efficiently, in a valuable experience for themselves, clients and the organization.

Posted workers and the return to business travel in Europe

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23 May 2022 Joost Smits


    As organizations return to travel, so too is it a return to a new world of increased rules and requirements. Employers have the responsibility toward their posted employees and clients to abide by varying local country legislation, at the same time seeking minimum disruption to operations. Paired with the right technology and process, the burden can be alleviated to the extent, where your people are traveling compliantly, safely and efficiently.

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