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Wealth and asset management firms must rethink their business and infrastructure strategies, including the need to support a truly global operating model.

Firms are experiencing increased competition from new entrants and non-traditional providers, along with a shift from active to passive products. At the same time, they are grappling with the costs of meeting regulatory burdens, embracing new technologies and managing legacy operating models. To remain competitive, firms must look to reduce costs, improve efficiency and increase operating margins across the value chain.

We leverage a range of measures to help you achieve operational efficiency — including lean process design, robotics process automation, outsourcing, offshoring, data and analytics, and organizational design — and embrace new technologies, such as blockchain. Our services include:

  • Designing global operating model strategies aligned to your business strategy
  • Reducing process inefficiency by identifying what to cease, improve, shift and automate, with a focus on value to your end client
  • Rationalizing products through extensive analysis of product and portfolio manager performance
  • Improving high-volume, data-intensive processes through rules-based automation and machine learning to enable intelligent automation
  • Offshoring lower-value activities to reduce FTE costs for processes or functions
  • Outsourcing activities not part of your core value proposition to asset servicers
  • Implementing a holistic approach to data to reduce costs associated with data governance, ownership and quality
  • Rationalizing technology by working to eliminate legacy in-house applications and consolidate vendor applications across the architecture

Why choose us as your operational efficiency partner?

  • Experience working on market-leading business transformation programs
  • Dedicated wealth and asset management industry professionals across functions including: regulatory compliance, operational risk, data management, technology infrastructure, finance, organizational change management and program management
  • Strategic relationships with a number of leading technology vendors across the wealth and asset management value chain
  • Ability to apply a Lean-based approach and Agile methodologies, which reduce time-to-market delivery and risk

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