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Our insights can help general counsels improve operations and better mitigate risk, by fostering a culture of integrity and supporting business priorities.

The General Counsel Imperative: How can you evolve entity management into effective governance?

The 2021 EY Law Survey finds the challenges to effective legal entity management. Learn more.

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The General Counsel Imperative: How does contracting complexity hide clear profitability?

The 2021 EY Law Survey uncovers the requirements that contracting teams should address to better support business priorities.

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The General Counsel Imperative: How do you turn barriers into building blocks?

The 2021 EY Law Survey identifies challenges impeding the ability to achieve business priorities. Re-thinking current initiatives is key.

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Transforming your legal operations and value

How to address enterprise-wide legal considerations after a crisis

As businesses begin to emerge into a post-COVID world, legal challenges are expected to arrive in waves.

    Securing detailed guidance to help you navigate the complex legal environment

    COVID-19: What employers need to do and how governments are helping

    The labor and employment law COVID-19 tracker provides a snapshot of considerations and includes information for employer rights, obligations, furlough and government incentives. Learn more.

    How tax and law affects factory conversions to fight COVID-19

    Simon Hobbs interviews Gijsbert Bulk, Cornelius Grossmann and Rob Weber about the tax and people challenges associated with factory conversions. Learn More.

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