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Our insights help tax leaders navigate the challenges of shifting from short-term thinking in favor of strategies that create long-term value.

Tax and Law in Focus

Explore the biggest business issues of the day through a tax and law lens in our Tax and Law in Focus podcast series.

Our latest insights on Tax technology

How one acquisition sparked a co-sourced tax revolution

In “Tax and Law in Focus,” Simon Hobbs interviews Discovery’s Todd Davis, and Alan Luchs, about Discovery’s cutting-edge tax function. Learn more.

40m 1s

Four factors driving tax transformation in banks

Across banking and capital markets, organizations are having to find ways to future-proof their tax and finance functions. Read more.

Three steps to future-proofed customer tax withholding and reporting

Re-engineering data flows is key to holistic and efficient customer tax withholding and reporting, as demand for transparency mounts.

Why customer experience and tax reporting need a joined-up approach

Tax authorities demand more detailed customer tax reporting – here are four ways organizations can balance it.

How businesses are responding to the wider customer tax reporting net

Organizations need to transform their people, processes and technology to meet fast-changing obligations and mitigate risk.

How tax managed services can accelerate banks’ transformation programs

Managed services are an alternative way for a bank’s tax and finance function to meet risk and governance responsibilities effectively.

    Our latest insights on supply chain

    How a robust trade function can help businesses leverage opportunities

    In this episode of the NextWave Global Trade podcast series, Geoff Mackey and Sally Jones discuss international trade strategies. Learn more.

    17m 39s

    The COO Imperative: Are you ready to reframe operations for resilience and sustainability?

    In a changed world, COOs need to take the lead rethinking operations for resilience and sustainability. Learn more.

    How multi-hub models help  operations and cut tax risk

    Adopting multi-hub models can help businesses manage changing tax landscape and supply chain pressures. Read more.

      Our latest insights on Tax risk and controversy

      How private boards unlock value by elevating risk management

      Private boards can unlock value by elevating risk management. Learn more.

      How tax departments should prepare for CBAM

      Tax functions need to plan for the challenges CBAM will create and identify the potential opportunities it offers. Read more.

      How to prepare for upcoming combined royalty changes

      CFOs and tax functions may be inclined to treat customs issues as peripheral to their critical workload, but they must pay attention. Learn more.

      Why tax governance is key in an era of more tax risk and controversy

      Businesses expect the number and intensity of tax audits to double in next two years, the 2023 EY Tax risk and controversy survey finds. Learn more.

      The Tax Leader Imperative: How do you adapt to the changing tax risk landscape?

      The 2021 EY Tax Risk and Controversy Survey finds businesses are bracing for more tax disputes. Learn how to assess and help manage tax risk and disputes.

      How tax is building a more sustainable working world

      EY professionals discuss the role of Tax in building a better working world as part of the World Economic Forum’s Davos Dialogues.

        EY and Thomson Reuters alliance

        EY’s new alliance with Thomson Reuters brings ONESOURCE tax technology to EY clients.


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