Together, EY and SAP help energy and resource companies adopt the innovative technologies that will accelerate the energy transition and build a more sustainable working world.

David Townshend

EY Global Energy SAP Leader

Transformation leader in Energy. Helps design and implement business and technology solutions that transform companies. Husband, father, sports fanatic and collector of vinyl records.

David is the EY Global Energy SAP Leader. He leads a team helping energy and resource companies use SAP-based digital technologies to transform operational performance, improve customer and employee experiences, and drive profitable growth. These solutions help companies to become more agile and continuously adapt to new challenges and opportunities so they can reap the benefits of the energy transition. 

For more than 25 years, David has successfully architected and provided SAP and digital transformation programs for energy and resource companies in Europe, Australia, Asia and the US. His mantra is to provide technology-based solutions that make a measurable improvement to his clients’ performance.

Before he joined EY, David held leadership positions in a number of global consulting organizations, and has been involved in some of the largest transformation programs in the energy industry. He has a master’s degree in Chemistry from the University of Oxford.

How David is building a better working world

“Power and water are essential life services. Together, EY and SAP are helping energy and resource companies use digital technologies to improve their operational performance and customer and employee experiences, enabling them to bring power and water to people and businesses at a lower cost and with a higher level of satisfaction.”

“And supporting energy companies to improve performance and develop new services helps reduce consumption and increase the use of renewable energy — helping customers and the planet.”

Our latest thinking

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