Third-party risk management (TPRM) consulting services

Utilizing technology, EY teams can help you make better-informed decisions faster about third parties. We examine risk from every angle and provide you with the insights you need to identify the partners that will create better long-term value for your business.

Your business challenge

In the Transformative Age, businesses that are able to make smart decisions at pace thrive. And there aren’t any decisions more important than choosing whom you partner with.

The most agile organizations work with multiple third parties in order to stay competitive. All these relationships are important, but each one adds risk: cyber risk, regulatory risk, brand risk, etc. 

Solution benefits

EY teams offer a complete spectrum of broad services that help enable better decisions about whom you work with and how you manage your third-party risk. Solution benefits include:

  • A proactive, centralized approach to help you develop and enhance your program and monitor unforeseen risks.
  • Ability to implement and integrate systems and technologies to help manage your third-party population across the relationship lifecycle.
  • Increased efficiency and cost savings that enable growth, confidence and trust.

Solution features and functionality

EY services range from strategic consultancy, data-driven transformation and technology implementation, to ongoing management platforms. 

Why EY

The reach and collective knowledge in helping organizations enable better decision-making with EY third-party risk management makes EY teams appropriately positioned to drive innovation in this space. EY approach leverages technology, people and processes to help you remain agile. 

Our latest thinking

2023 EY Global Third-Party Risk Management Survey

The 2023 EY Global Third-Party Risk Management Survey highlights a growing demand for data-driven third-party risk assessment. Read more.

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