The economic cycle is an everlasting theme. We help our clients grow and revitalize like a phoenix from the ashes. We help our clients enhance business value and achieve sustainable development.

Yongmin Yuan

EY Greater China Restructuring Leader

Experienced in corporate restructuring, debt resolution, and providing practical restructuring solutions to reshape business value. Loves fishing and playing chess.

Over the past 20 years, as a senior partner with Ernst & Young China, Yongmin has provided professional services such as financial control, domestic and overseas M&A and restructuring, debt resolution, non-performing assets disposal services to many Fortune 500 companies, financial institutions, and local governments.

As the project leader of some of the largest corporate restructuring projects in China, Yongmin has utilized his wealth of practical experience and in-depth understanding of China policies and regulations, to assist the government in resolving financial risks and providing distressed enterprises with various consulting services such as business performance evaluation, working capital monitoring, and business and asset restructuring.

Yongmin is a senior accountant and a CPA in China. He holds a bachelor's degree in economics.

How Yongmin is building a better working world

"A wise man adapts to everchanging circumstances. In the counter-cyclical non-performing assets market, we follow the trends and seize the opportunities. We look for reshaping opportunities for distressed enterprises and design better business models for the real economy. We take strategy as a precursor of restructuring solutions in response to the crisis, and actively create a better environment for sustainable growth for clients."

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