Technology is at the center of business change, enabling organizations to transform their business and operating models and respond nimbly to competitive threats.

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EY Tax.Tech™ | Key SAP implementation considerations to better link finance and tax

Our EY Tax.Tech webcasts help you keep pace with the ever-evolving tax landscape and what it takes to build an intelligent finance and tax function.

20 Feb 2024 | 16:00 your local time

Can core platform modernization position a bank for future success?  

Case study: how one regional bank used core platform modernization to build a strong foundation for future profitability.

19 Mar 2024

How GenAI changes the way CPG and retail operate — and consumers too

As generative AI for business takes-off so do generative AI business use cases for retail and CPG. But GenAI will change consumer behavior too. Learn more.

18 Mar 2024 John Dubois + 1

Financial services CIOs – building GenAI at scale while managing risk

Financial services CIOs have a unique opportunity to lead the GenAI conversation and transform the enterprise.

07 Mar 2024 David Kadio-Morokro + 2

Are you prepared to capitalize on the upside risk of digital assets?

With more than 10,000 digital asset tokens in circulation, a structured approach to due diligence is critical to protect your organization.

05 Mar 2024 Mark Nichols + 2

How evolution of AI in testing can become a revolution

Use of AI in testing will move from enabler to transformer over the next five years. Learn more.

23 Feb 2024 Justin Hanke + 1

How can you cut costs and still accelerate growth?

Explore strategic IT cost optimization opportunities that can leverage technology spend and value, amid rising AI investments to fund innovation.

01 Feb 2024 Mazen Baroudi + 1

Transfer pricing planning and operating model effectiveness

Our tax team can help you develop an effective operating model and transfer pricing policies that help your business achieve its potential. Learn more.

28 Feb 2023

The CIO Imperative: Is your technology moving fast enough to realize your ambitions?

Data centricity can be an insight engine that unlocks operational, customer and market data value, according to EY’s 2022 Tech Horizon survey. Read more

22 Apr 2022 Jim Little + 1

Metaverse: Could creating a virtual world build a more sustainable one?

The metaverse brings both new opportunities and concerns for sustainability. Find out what role businesses must play in shaping its impact on the planet.

Metaverse: 5 questions shaping the next frontier of human experience

The convergence of physical and digital in the metaverse presents both opportunities and challenges for businesses, governments and society. Learn more.

How to inspire the next generation of women in STEM

Using gamified learning and content from world-renowned providers, the EY STEM App opens up a world of possibilities for girls. Learn more.

17 Jan 2022 Gillian Hinde + 3

How to factor geopolitics into technology strategy

The EY CEO Imperative Study reveals a crucial gap in CEOs’ understanding of how geopolitical risks will impact their digital agendas. Learn more.

10 Sep 2021 Courtney Rickert McCaffrey + 1

The CEO Imperative: Rebound to more sustainable growth

Planning to rebound to an “old normal” is not an option. CEOs must reimagine their strategies for long term value creation. Learn how.

02 Jun 2021 Falco Weidemeyer + 1

How quantum computing will improve tax administration and compliance

New-generation supercomputers might better calculate the steering effect of taxes worldwide. Governments and companies alike would benefit.

01 Mar 2021 Ute Benzel

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