Technology Managed Services

EY Technology Managed Services helps you deliver operational excellence and agility, drive innovation, and stay future-fit, while creating competitive advantage and enhancing ROI on your technology investments. Our tools, talent and insights support accelerated digital transformation that aligns with broader goals, creates long-term value and delivers better business outcomes.

What EY can do for you

Organizations that keep pace with emerging technology can maintain a competitive edge. But many digital transformations fail. Success requires adopting tech that can meet business objectives now — and adapt for a changing future.

Technology Managed Services supports you in adopting the right technology in the right way to create a competitive advantage and deliver better business outcomes, including:

  • Accelerated transformation journey: Our relentless focus on performance and continuous improvement provides business benefits earlier and enhances long-term value.
  • Strategic data insight: High-quality, trusted data and benchmarking fuel smarter decisions around strategy to create competitive advantage.
  • Cost optimization that adds value: Our connected approach integrates data across multiple processes to save time, reduce costs and add value.
  • Collaboration that drives innovation: EY’s alliance ecosystems unlock access to the latest technology, data capabilities and infrastructure to supercharge innovation now and into the future.
  • Confident, future-ready business: EY Technology Managed Services lifts the burden of operating technology after transformation — so leaders can focus on the core business, confident that tech is continually updated and enhanced.

Technology Managed Services combines EY tools, talent and insights to help you seize the opportunity to differentiate through disruptive technology. Your world, running on ours, better.  

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