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Explore our global insights that look at how you can build confidence in AI, drive exponential value throughout your organization and deliver positive human impact.

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Key takeaways from the Biden administration executive order on AI


What you need to know: Biden Executive Order on AI


Building confidence

Responsible AI means finding the balance between risk and reward

Understand the key challenges, potential risks, and strategies for adopting AI responsibly with these practical guidelines

Four ways boards can support the effective use of AI

Find out four ways boards can enhance their oversight of AI to create operating efficiencies and support strategy and growth.

GenAI risks and challenges for the economy

Learn about the expected impact of GenAI on the labor market by exploring our four key findings regarding GenAI use.

How evolution of AI in testing can become a revolution

Use of AI in testing will move from enabler to transformer over the next five years. Learn more.

How to build a strong foundation for federal AI adoption

Discover the EY federal AI report findings on how to build a strong foundation for federal AI adoption.

AI-driven constituent engagement in government contact centers

Explore how AI can transform state and local government contact centers to improve constituent experiences and engagement.

How pharma can benefit from using GenAI in drug discovery

Using GenAI in drug discovery is a hot topic in the pharmaceutical industry, with speed and cost savings seen as potential benefits. Learn more.

How to navigate global trends in Artificial Intelligence regulation

Learn why the AI regulatory approach of eight global jurisdictions have a vital role to play in the development of rules for the use of AI.

How past tech disruptions can help inform the economic impact of AI

Discover learnings from three key historical episodes of rapid technological change that may help predict the economic impact of AI.

Four steps to implement a large language model successfully

Organizations are eager to adopt LLMs, but navigating potential pitfalls can be challenging. Learn more.

Key takeaways from the Biden administration executive order on AI

President Biden issued an Executive Order on AI with the goal of promoting “safe, secure, and trustworthy development and use of artificial intelligence.”

The transformation imperative: generative AI in wealth and asset management

Wealth and asset management must focus on foundational areas as they embed generative AI into core business operations and drive transformative change.

    Creating value

    How CEOs juggle transformation priorities – the art of taking back control

    EY CEO survey highlights how CEOs consider AI transformation, ESG and M&A to navigate between immediate profits and future sustainability aspirations. Read more.

    Nuvalence joins EY, expanding digital engineering and generative AI capabilities

    Ernst & Young LLP (EY US) today announced Nuvalence, a technology consultancy, has joined EY US to accelerate the delivery of platform engineering, product development and generative AI (GenAI) platform-enabled services to organizations across industries and sectors.

    How GenAI changes the way CPG and retail operate — and consumers too

    As generative AI for business takes-off so do generative AI business use cases for retail and CPG. But GenAI will change consumer behavior too. Learn more.

    Five priorities for winning with GenAI in wealth and asset management

    Wealth and asset managers have the opportunity to reimagine their business models and transform their operations with GenAI.

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    Financial services CIOs – building GenAI at scale while managing risk

    Financial services CIOs have a unique opportunity to lead the GenAI conversation and transform the enterprise.

    How entrepreneurs can think differently about AI

    To drive business value, entrepreneurs should think strategically about how and where to deploy artificial intelligence. Learn more.

    How GenAI transforms the B2B customer experience with first-party data

    Digital technology is providing more direct ways for businesses to engage customers and gain greater insight into their wants and needs. Learn more.

    Future Consumer Index: Fading allure of AI, experiences & store brands

    Consumer preference for AI, experiences and store brands is declining. Have they lost interest, or are retailers and brands not living up to expectations?

    5 modernizations transforming government for a lasting legacy

    Transforming government service through technology, data and analytics, infrastructure, grants and HR to keep humans at the center. Learn more.

    The productivity potential of GenAI

    Explore the likelihood of future substantial productivity gains from the use of generative AI across sectors.

    Finding value in the next evolution of media and entertainment

    M&E executives mix old and novel approaches to keep cash flowing today while charting new paths to a future of profitable growth in the market.

    How generative AI can optimize health care supply chains

    Technology lets organizations capture efficiencies and improve patient care. Find out more.

    Catalyzing economic growth through capital investment in GenAI

    Generative artificial intelligence (GenAI) has the potential to be a significant strategic economic lever for businesses across sectors.

    Five “no regret” actions for TMT companies to unlock generative AI’s potential

    Learn how Technology, Media & Entertainment, and Telecom companies can create value with generative AI.

    Five priorities for harnessing the power of GenAI in banking

    For banks with the right strategy, talent and technology, GenAI can transform operations and help reimagine future business models. Learn more.

    Economic impact of AI: Article series for business leaders

    Read our article series on the economic impact of AI, which shares developments and actionable insights to arm companies’ decision-makers.

      Augmenting people

      How finance is important in the age of social media and AI

      In this episode of The Better Finance podcast, Myles Corson and Tom Hood discuss the evolving finance profession. Learn more.

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      EY survey reveals artificial intelligence is creating new hiring needs, while also making it more challenging to source the right talent  

      Ernst & Young LLP (EY US) today announced the release of its latest technology pulse poll, which examines the impact of artificial intelligence (AI) on the future of work — from integration to talent and culture. The poll, which was conducted in March 2024 and surveyed more than 250 leaders in the technology industry, highlights the ongoing push and pull around AI in the workplace.

      The impact of GenAI on the labor market

      Learn about the expected impact of GenAI on the labor market by exploring our four key findings regarding GenAI use.

      How generative AI might help tax functions tackle challenges

      GenAI can automate tasks, summarize information and provide insights, but it needs a person’s input to optimize the technology. Learn more.

      How artificial intelligence can augment a people-centered workforce

      AI is disrupting approaches to talent strategy, risk and resilience. Learn why it’s crucial to blend operational gains with a people-first mindset.

      How can a rebalance of power help re-energize your workforce?

      Explore the EY 2023 Work Reimagined Survey with global insights from 17,050 employees, and 1,575 employers, revealing the contours of workforce realities.

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        Smiling businesswoman standing in office conference room looking out windows
        Photo taken in Gulong Soy Sauce cultural park in Xiamen, which is a free park in Tong'an District
        How CIOs can foster a top-down approach to AI

        01 Nov 2023 | Featuring Dan Diasio

        Read more on CIO

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        UK, Essex, Harlow, elevated view of a woman working from home in her garden using a laptop computer, Woman working from home in her garden
        How Generative AI could disrupt creative work                          

        13 Apr 2023 | Featuring Nicola Morini Bianzino

        Read more on HBR (paywall)

        Köln, NRW, Deutschland, Business, Office, Loft, Büro, w54, Businesswoman in green office looking out of window
        Studio. Empty studio without people. Studio for podcasts or interviews. Stylish studio. Two comfortable chairs with cameras, lights and microphones. Generative AI

        Confident and responsible use of AI depends on sound public policy. EY engages with our global stakeholders to inform the development of AI policies that promote transparency, serve the public interest, foster trust in markets and build a better working world.

        Building the foundations for trusted artificial intelligence in the UK

        Response to government white paper: a pro-innovation approach to AI regulation

        Download pdf

        Adapting the UK's pro-innovation approach to AI regulation for foundation models

        Ten recommendations for UK policymakers to strengthen proposed regulatory approaches

        Download pdf

        Developing a US artificial intelligence accountability ecosystem

        AI accountability policy response to the US National Telecommunications and Information Administration

        Download pdf

        Safe and responsible AI in Australia

        Considerations for developing a robust governance framework based on ethical principles

        Download pdf

        G7 guiding principles for organizations developing advanced artificial intelligence

        Establishing guardrails on advanced global artificial intelligence systems

        Download pdf

        Frameworks for artificial intelligence in South Australia

        Establishing effective state and federal frameworks for ethical artificial intelligence use

        Download pdf

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