Photographic portrait of Sameer Gupta
Designing an approach that mimics human efforts involves more than simply developing an algorithm — domain experts and data scientists must work together to create new capabilities.

Sameer Gupta

EY North America Financial Services Organization Advanced Analytics Leader

Leader of a strong cross-functional team focused on solving complex business problems with AI-driven approaches. Hobbyist woodworker. Culinary enthusiast. Father.

Sameer is a Principal and the EY North America Financial Services Organization Advanced Analytics Leader.

He has a strong track record of working with the largest consumer lending institutions and payment networks to implement transformational business strategies, leveraging advanced analytics and generating material improvements in customer risk, fraud, compliance and customer marketing.

Sameer leads a cross-functional team of data scientists, AI practitioners and business domain professionals who implement AI-driven approaches by applying such techniques as natural language processing, deep learning and knowledge graphs.  

Previously, Sameer was general manager and founder of the Consumer Finance and Risk Division at a leading AI solutions provider. Having worked with a broad client base in banking, capital markets and insurance, he brings a wealth of knowledge related to advanced analytics.

Sameer holds an MBA in Finance and Financial Management Services from the Indian Institute of Management and a BTech in Electrical, Electronics and Communications Engineering from the Indian Institute of Technology.

How Sameer building a better working world

“I help our clients develop and implement transformational business strategies by leveraging advanced analytics across the enterprise, including risk, marketing, compliance and operations. My team sits at the intersection of business and technology, bringing together AI and domain experience in both our culture and approach delivery. This, I believe, has helped me contribute to building a better working world for our clients and for the financial services industry.“

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