Advanced Manufacturing Realized

Today, manufacturing is facing constant disruption from geopolitical forces to changing customer needs to technology-driven change and transformation is no longer optional. How can manufacturers evolve to seize the opportunity for growth?

We can help you unleash the power of advanced end-to-end transformation across the manufacturing ecosystem.

A certain and rapid path to growth and value

Connecting data, insights and digital enablement across five key pillars of innovation

Unprecedented and pervasive shifts will be with us whatever the future brings. That means factories and operations need to be digitalized. Supply chains need to be redesigned for resilience and reliability. Silos across operations, business units and functional teams need to be broken down. Products and services need to be smart and connected. And both customer and end-user expectations need to be exceeded, not just met. Our team can help you accelerate your company’s transformation with confidence.

Our approach

Manufacturers need to drive peak profitability within their core business while simultaneously incubating new revenue streams. This requires connecting digital strategies with corporate growth strategies.


To that end, we begin with the future in mind. By exploring and understanding what’s ahead, we identify and uncover opportunities in new, existing or adjacent markets and help organizations engineer and design connected and sustainable smart products and services. This informs every aspect of our approach to operational innovation — from the top floor to the shop floor — and helps your team and ours arrive at ROI-driven decisions.

Smart industry robot arms for digital factory production technology showing automation manufacturing process of the Industry 4.0 or 4th industrial revolution and IOT software to control operation .

For truly sustainable growth, manufacturers need not just to retain customers, but also to capture new ones. We help them achieve that by creating growth from within.


This involves assessing and optimizing products currently in the market, linking them to new services and leveraging intellectual property they already own for new product development. We refer to this as a “disrupt, expand and own” playbook with an “everything-as-a-service” overlay and a value-engineering mindset. And it’s all part of playing the game better to win the game better.

Aerial Car Factory 3D Concept: Automated Robot Arm Assembly Line Manufacturing Advanced High-Tech Green Energy Electric Vehicles. Construction, Building, Welding Industrial Production Conveyor

Business-to-business customers are people first and foremost. They expect a results-driven, personalized and responsive experience in their buying process.

Using experience-led commerce and data-driven insights, we’re helping clients explore new sales and customer engagement models to anticipate actions, enhance experiences and improve profitability. As a result, clients are able to streamline the buying process and ensure that current interactions are informed by current needs — so that every customer experience is intuitive, informative, quick and satisfying.

Blank conveyors on a blurred factory background. 3d illustration

Manufacturers need to deliver on every customer promise with the right products at the right place and at the right time. Outsmarting ongoing shocks requires building resilience in vs. bolting it on.

We’re future-proofing supply chains by leveraging emerging technologies so the entire system is well orchestrated and well protected from the inside out. This gives organizations the agility and security they need to fix problems before they multiply, reduce cybersecurity risks and preempt potential disruptions.

Automated robotic arms in manufacturing plant with heavy machinery, and production process to reduce costs while maintaining quality in the supply chain

As manufacturing continues to digitally evolve and undergo change, so must talent. Our experience-led Humans@Center approach helps bring them along.


It’s how we help organizations better enable talent on multiple levels — making it easier for employees to embrace digitalization and develop new capabilities. This opens doors to new career paths while creating greater impact for the business. It’s a win-win for everyone and key to transformational success.

Portrait of Two Female Employees in Hard Hats at Factory. Discussing Job Assignments at Industrial Machine Facility, Using Laptop Computer. Asian Engineer and African American Technician at Work.

If you’re ready to innovate with clarity, speed and certainty, join us at one of our experience hubs to discover what Advanced Manufacturing Realized in action means for you. The rewards will be well worth it.

The team

Brad Newman

EY Americas Advanced Manufacturing & Mobility Industry Market Leader

Hands-on business transformation leader. Youth advocate. Active outdoorsman. Husband and father of two.

Chicago, USA

Sachin Lulla

EY Americas Advanced Manufacturing & Mobility Consulting Sector Leader

Internet of Things strategist. Digital influencer. Sector-focused thinker. Keynote speaker. Proud husband and father.

Tampa, USA

Subodh Rajadhyaksha

Principal, Ernst & Young LLP

Focuses on defining and executing enterprise-scale business changes. Helps declutter client agendas and unlock value.

San Jose, USA

David Takeuchi

EY Global Strategy and Transformation Business Model Innovation Leader

Innovator. Creative. Servant-leader. Youngest-looking grandpa. Has three daughters. Married 33 years. Dad designed the Firebird. Samurai bloodline. Tennis strategist wannabe.

San Francisco, USA

Sven Dharmani

EY Global Advanced Manufacturing & Mobility Supply Chain Leader

Passionate about transforming supply chains. Problem solver. Curious and collaborative. Avid traveler, scuba diver and car enthusiast.


Steve Fuller

Partner, US People Advisory Services;

Transformational HR leader. HR technology leader. Thought leader. Outdoors enthusiast. Golfer. Philadelphia sports fan. Dad of two. Husband.


Brian Goonan

EY Americas Business Consulting Sales and Service Leader

An accomplished management consulting executive with 18 years’ experience in developing and assist in implementing strategic initiatives at Fortune 1000 firms.

Chicago, USA
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