Technology transformation

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Technology is the business agenda. Customers’ expectations for access to technology products and services are rapidly increasing and user-centric, mobile, agile and data-driven capabilities are table stakes for every organization. Companies must consider foundational technology transformation to adapt and compete.

What EY can do for you

Experience has shown us that a successful technology transformation rests upon four key elements: technology strategy, next gen technology operations, infrastructure and service resiliency, and architecture.

Technology strategy

Technology strategy encompasses a full set of Consulting capabilities to help you think through the strategic issues and fully align technology to your overall purpose and business objectives.

EY capabilities include:

  • Technology strategy and digital foundation design
  • Technology capability assessment
  • Technology operating model design
  • Technology governance
  • IT Technology organization design
  • Product management / agile delivery support / devOps
  • IT post-merger integration / divestiture support

Transformation Realized

Transforming businesses through the power of people, technology and innovation.

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