Blockchains will do for networks of enterprises and business ecosystems what enterprise resource planning (ERP) did for the single company.

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How tokenization in asset management is driving meaningful opportunity

Tokenization has gained significant traction throughout the financial services industry, particularly in the asset management sector. Learn more.

18 Aug 2023 Sara Elinson + 1

Is the future of your tech stack built on the foundation of your people?

Senior leaders often show reluctance to adopt emerging technologies and communicate poorly with others, an EY survey shows. Find out more.

12 Jun 2023 Faisal Alam + 1

An introduction to maximal extractable value on Ethereum

MEV is a complex, systemic problem for public blockchains. Learn more.

15 Mar 2023 Greg Damalas

How blockchain is reducing the fluidity of risk in marine insurance

EY and Guardtime are providing greater transparency and efficiency through blockchain technology in marine insurance. Learn how in this case study.

21 Apr 2020 Shaun Crawford

How blockchain helped a gaming platform become a game changer

Microsoft Xbox and EY implemented a transparent blockchain network so game publishers, creators and asset owners can focus on the future.

20 Apr 2020 Deep Ghumman + 2

How blockchain is helping make every blood donation more effective

Blood donations and transfusions are vital to healthcare, but tracking the journey from vein to vein in real time remains elusive.

02 Mar 2020

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