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In today’s dynamic business environment, businesses are taking advantage of changing markets to expand through acquisitions. Transactions are becoming more complex, so investors need access to legal advice that helps them manage deals effectively.

What EY can do for you

Businesses are increasingly focused on the economies of scale that result from acquisitions. This means that they require an efficient and effective post-acquisition and merger process.

Integrating EY practitioners with the professionals from Assurance, Tax, Transactions and Advisory, we are able to handle a range of issues that can arise in a single transaction.

In addition, we complement transactional skills with extensive knowledge, covering a wide range of business areas including anti-trust, employment and benefits, environmental law, intellectual property, and tax.

We help to make deals happen

Accurate evaluation of potential transactions has never been more critical. To help you manage uncertain environments, EY provides detailed legal transaction advice and support, including:

  • Carve-outs and separation
  • Transaction structuring and negotiation
  • Auction process and process documentation
  • Buy- and sell-side due diligence
  • Debt and equity commitments
  • Share and asset purchase agreements
  • Investment and shareholders’ agreements
  • JV agreements
  • Financing
  • Service-level agreements and other intercompany arrangements
  • Labor union and works council consultations
  • Competition law clearance
  • Completion and post-transaction reorganizations

EY provides detailed legal transaction advice and support to help you reach your transaction goals quickly, efficiently and with added value. EY helps convert strategic vision into reality and support deals to run smoothly.

How EY Dynamic Transactions Solution can help streamline transaction reorganization projects

The EY Dynamic Transactions Solution platform has been designed by experienced EY Law transaction professionals to help improve efficiencies and reduce risks for organizations throughout the life of the transaction.

The customizable solution features a user-friendly interface and offers:

  • A centralized source of project information to better organize and access documents and entity information
  • Collaboration tools for seamless communication among stakeholders, including a detailed and interactive project plan
  • Automated documents and workflows, including embedded e-signature capabilities, to reduce the risk of errors and help ensure compliance with legal requirements, and
  • Customized dashboards with real-time progress indicators and analytics to improve project management

With these capabilities, EY Dynamic Transactions Solution allows you to take greater control over your project without becoming weighed down by the details.

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EY member firms do not practice law where not permitted by local law or regulation.

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