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Our latest thinking on AI

Financial services CIOs – building GenAI at scale while managing risk

Financial services CIOs have a unique opportunity to lead the GenAI conversation and transform the enterprise.

07 Mar 2024 David Kadio-Morokro + 2

How evolution of AI in testing can become a revolution

Use of AI in testing will move from enabler to transformer over the next five years. Learn more.

23 Feb 2024 Justin Hanke + 1

Navigating beyond the hype: the metaverse, take two

While some companies are losing faith in the future of the metaverse, others are looking at metaverse technologies in a new way. Learn more.

22 Jan 2024 David Kadio-Morokro + 1

Modernize your mortgage lending platform

Banks that undergo lending platform modernization can provide customers mobile-accessed, data-driven, digital, holistic mortgage borrowing experiences. Read more.

07 Dec 2023 Aditya Swaminathan + 1

A turning point for the US automotive financing sector

The lack of granular data into the auto lending market hampers the ability of lenders, market participants and regulators to identify and respond to risks.

05 Dec 2023 Manisha Patel

How financial firms can prepare for the 2024 regulatory landscape

Financial services firms will need to prioritize both event-driven and existing regulations to capitalize on untapped opportunities. Learn more.

04 Dec 2023 Jan Bellens + 4

    Our latest thinking

    Breaking the cycle: improving and maintaining customer data

    Though data maintenance is challenging, a strategic data management approach can improve customer data and the regime that governs it. Learn more.

    22 Apr 2024 Don Johnson + 1

    FR 2052a: report evolution and key challenges

    This regulatory reporting brief covers the evolution and challenges of the Complex Institution Liquidity Monitoring Report (FR 2052a). Learn more.

    18 Apr 2024 Vadim Tovshteyn + 1

    Can core platform modernization position a bank for future success?  

    Case study: how one regional bank used core platform modernization to build a strong foundation for future profitability.

    19 Mar 2024

    How asset managers can enhance the client onboarding process

    Account onboarding is critical to the client experience and time to market, yet few asset management firms have embraced transformation. Learn more.

    22 Feb 2024 EY Americas

    Three trends impacting board composition

    Key trends in board composition and succession show how corporate boards are preparing for future challenges. Learn more.

    19 Feb 2024 Sarah Francis

    What banks need to know about the Fed’s new supervisory program

    As banks increasingly partner with FinTechs to provide financial services, the Federal Reserve saw a potential regulatory gap and stepped in. Learn more.

    15 Nov 2023 Michael Winter

    The Navigator: perspectives on financial services M&A

    Financial institutions are building competitive advantage through M&A. Read on to learn more.

    13 Nov 2023 Sid Khosla

    How US asset owners think asset managers should address ESG

    Strategies for asset managers to attract asset owners for environmental, social and governance (ESG) and sustainability funds in the United States.

    25 Oct 2023 Meredith Jones

    Basel III Endgame: what you need to know

    Basel III Endgame is the latest update to global capital standards, marking a dramatic change to the current US risk-based capital framework. Learn more.

    22 Sep 2023 Adam Girling

    Considerations when forming a business development company

    Asset managers considering entering the BDC space should understand the increased burden associated with doing so.

    21 Sep 2023 Eyal Seinfeld + 1

      Our latest thinking

      What you need to know: Biden Executive Order on AI

      Learn how this groundbreaking order will influence your business: key takeaways for leaders, impact on board discussions, and what lies ahead.

      08 Nov 2023 | 17:30 your local time

      Basel III Endgame: what you need to know

      Please join our panel of professionals for our webcast – a timely discussion of recent financial risk management industry trends.

      02 Aug 2023 | 18:00 your local time

      Navigating derivatives and hedge accounting

      Please join our panel of professionals for our webcast – a discussion of derivatives and hedge accounting for commodity and financial instrument markets.

      19 Dec 2023 | 16:00 your local time

      Driving confidence in AI: FS perspective on Responsible AI

      In this webcast, panelists will explore and define how financial services institutions can take a balanced risk management approach in adopting GenAI.

      13 Dec 2023 | 16:30 your local time

      How GenAI is transforming wealth and asset management

      In this webcast, panelists will discuss the ways in which the wealth and asset management industry could be transformed using generative AI.

      03 Oct 2023 | 15:00 your local time

      Crypto and digital asset information reporting

      Newly released proposed regulations would expand Form 1099 reporting requirements.

      27 Sep 2023 | 07:30 your local time

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