How GenAI is transforming wealth and asset management

In this webcast, panelists will discuss the ways in which the wealth and asset management industry could be transformed using generative AI.

Join us for a webcast exploring the potential of GenAI applications in wealth and asset management (WAM) business. You will hear from EY, Microsoft and other WAM business leaders on the practical considerations, benefits, real-world applications, ethical considerations and challenges associated with incorporating generative AI in the WAM industry.

Key questions that will be discussed:

  • How can wealth and asset management firms strategically incorporate generative AI into their existing business processes to enhance efficiency and client outcomes?
  • How can generative AI contribute to robust risk assessment, compliance monitoring and regulatory reporting within the wealth and asset management industry?
  • What opportunities exist for fostering collaboration between human expertise and generative AI capabilities, and how can wealth management professionals harness AI’s potential while maintaining the human touch?
  • Given the evolving landscape of AI ethics, how can wealth and asset management firms provide transparency, fairness and accountability when implementing generative AI solutions for their clients?


  • Abhinav Goel - EY Financial Services Data & Analytics Senior Manager


  • Sameer Gupta — EY North America Financial Services Organization Advanced Analytics Leader
  • Sinisa Babcic — EY US Wealth Management Business Consulting Leader
  • Pascal Belaud — General Manager, Corporation Customer Success Data and AI Group, Microsoft
  • Megan St. John, CFA – Director, Analytics COE & Analytics Consulting, Edward Jones



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