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GenAI risks and challenges for the economy

Learn about the expected impact of GenAI on the labor market by exploring our four key findings regarding GenAI use.

09 Apr 2024 Lydia Boussour

How health equity by design can help finance women-centric solutions

At the Equity 2030 Alliance Roundtable in Berlin, concern centered on the systemic failure to address women’s distinct health requirements. Read more.

01 Mar 2024 Yele Aluko + 1

Five no regrets actions companies can take amid ESG whiplash

How companies can improve sustainability performance in the current economic environment

29 Feb 2024 Anne Munaretto + 1

Driving profitability and performance so oil and gas can provide energy for all

Ernst & Young LLP (EY US) helps oil and gas companies implement cost-effective, sustainable strategies for managing emissions and future-proofing operations.

19 Feb 2024

2024 EY federal, state and local trends report

Key findings from a recent survey asking government decision-makers about their perception of and experience with emerging technologies.

13 Feb 2024 Gerry Dixon

Finding value in the next evolution of media and entertainment

M&E executives mix old and novel approaches to keep cash flowing today while charting new paths to a future of profitable growth in the market.

05 Jan 2024 John Harrison + 1

How organizations can stop skyrocketing AI use from fueling anxiety

Artificial intelligence (AI) is here to stay, but concerns remain over job security and regulation. Learning how to use AI responsibly will lower anxiety.

05 Dec 2023 Dan Diasio + 2

How a life sciences leader accelerated its DEI journey

Leading DEI strategies for biopharmas that boost productivity, governance and talent retention. Read more.

05 Dec 2023 Mary Augustine-Morris + 1

How bold action can accelerate the world’s multiple energy transitions

Our energy system is reshaping at speed, but in different ways across different markets. Three accelerators can fast-track change. Learn more.

05 Dec 2023 Serge Colle + 3

Top five private equity trends for 2024

Read about the five key trends private equity firms will emphasize in 2024 as they create value

01 Dec 2023 Timothy Tracy + 1

How circular strategies can be used to decarbonize Scope 3 GHG emissions

This article examines the potential benefits and opportunities for leveraging circular strategies to decarbonize select Scope 3 categories.

01 Dec 2023 Mark Weick

How tech trends can lead the next generation of the consumer industry

CP&R businesses proactively implementing and scaling evolving technology will be best set up to succeed in the near and long term.

01 Dec 2023 Cordry Johns

How telecom retail can navigate its evolution to meet customer needs

Telecommunications retailers can do a few things to address the business imperative of meeting changing customer needs as the industry evolves. Read more.

17 Nov 2023 Patricia Camden

AI and Emerging Technologies for Enterprise Asset Management Systems

Enterprise asset management systems integrated with AI and knowledge graph capabilities equips decision-makers to maximize asset performance.

14 Nov 2023 Anierudh Vishwanathan

    Today's business insights

    How to prepare for climate regulation change

    As climate change regulations strengthen, it's up to boards to understand how organizations should prepare. John King, EY Vice Chair of Assurance, shares that reporting, finance functions and transparent communication strategies are key.

    Culture can no longer be driven by proximity

    Virtual and working from home are here to stay, meaning that company culture can no longer be driven by proximity. Sam Johnson, EY Vice Chair of Markets, discusses how companies can still convey their culture and create meaningful experiences by being more intentional. 

    6 proven ways to get transformation right

    Kim Billeter, EY Americas People Advisory Services Leader, reveals the findings from a global study conducted with the Oxford School of Business: businesses can double their chances of transformation success by focusing on these six factors.

    Is your tax team ready for the metaverse?

    The metaverse and web3 are evolving, creating an accelerated digital economy. Marna Ricker, EY Global Vice Chair of Tax, covers what it means to have your tax strategy ready for the metaverse.

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