Healthy at Home

Our Healthy at Home methodology helps health care organizations design new models of care, product suites and business models that seamlessly integrate physical, virtual and in-person care.

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Health organizations are facing a challenging growth paradigm — to optimize the business of today while innovating for the business of tomorrow. Disruptions in the health care landscape are forcing organizations to consider integrated care models in a new way.

Organizations across the value chain are now scaling and building capabilities while creating new offerings that keep people well and that safely deliver care anytime, anywhere.

Investing in an integrated care model will help organizations address key market forces facing the health care industry.

An integrated care model can help:

  • Lower administrative burdens and deliver valuable insights at the right moment, allowing clinicians to focus on what matters.
  • Increase facility capacity by navigating patients to lower-cost care settings (e.g., home).
  • Reduce the cost of care and improve the patient and provider experience by providing care in and around the home at times that are convenient to patients and providers.

Designing an integrated care model requires an evolution of the end-to-end care model. A successful model will provide high-quality care to consumers in their preferred setting, whether that’s a physical facility, the comfort of their own home or community, or via a digital tool.

Our integrated care model can be positioned with both payer and provider clients, as well as provide broader potential outside of the industry. Our care model was designed to assist:

  • Payers seeking to manage the total cost of care and improve outcomes for their members.
  • Employers seeking to lower the cost of care, improve outcomes, and share risk through value-based contracts.
  • Providers seeking to reduce burnout while increasing the capacity and shifting care to lower-cost settings.
  • Retail/MedTech organizations seeking new revenue streams within their community by offering wellness services.

When the ecosystem aligns around this care model, consumers/patients have the opportunity for an experience that is digitally enabled, always on, and personalized.

While building an integrated care model looks different at each organization, our process includes:

  • Consumer and clinician research to understand pain points and desired future experiences.
  • Business case development to demonstrate the return on investment for new care models.
  • Assessment of current virtual care offerings to understand the maturity and scalability.
  • Development of new digital products to engage with consumers and clinicians in an innovative way.
  • Pilot launch to show results quickly.

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