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How technological transformation can enhance theme park experiences

Harnessing technology transformation and data for enhanced customer experiences with AI, personalization and gamification.

14 Feb 2024 Maria Psathas

Key trends to watch in the media and entertainment industry in 2024

Media and entertainment industry trends for 2024. Read more.

15 Dec 2023 John Harrison

Is the digital home immune to the cost-of-living crisis?

Despite financial pressures, few households are economizing on digital home services. Read more.

14 Sep 2023 Adrian Baschnonga + 1

How cruise lines can win Gen Z and the travelers of tomorrow

Younger cohorts have lower brand awareness and unique preferences, our survey shows. Learn how to capture the new-to-cruise segments.

12 Sep 2023 Laura McGarrity + 2

How supply chains benefit from using generative AI

What was once unimaginable is now possible with generative AI in real-life scenarios throughout the entire supply chain. Learn more.

27 Jul 2023 Sumit Dutta + 1

How strong data management becomes a real game-changer 

For one video game company, a data-driven culture meant gigs of innovation. Learn more.

12 Apr 2023 Faisal Alam + 2

Taking the long view is helping New Relic scale into the billions

An $850+ million revenue all-in-one observability company helping software engineers at leading brands faced a conundrum. Learn more in this case study.

23 Mar 2023

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