Photographic portrait of Nuno Leal
Innovation really comes when we all start our thinking utilizing first principles — understanding the most basic foundations of a topic —and less thinking about what others are doing.

Nuno Leal

Partner, Technology, Media and Telecommunications – Product and Service Innovation, Consulting, Ernst & Young LLP

Strategy and operations consultant focusing on enterprise strategy, marketing and sales effectiveness, and business operations.

Areas of focus Consulting TMT Innovation Growth
Office Miami, US

Nuno is an experienced consultant in the technology, media and telecommunications (TMT) space who dedicates himself to advising clients in their journeys for long-term sustainable growth and business model transformation.

He has more than 10 years of experience advising clients across the globe, having worked on four different continents.

Nuno also is the EY US TMT Product and Service Innovation Leader, bringing a new perspective on trends disrupting the market and creating new opportunities for our clients.

How Nuno is building a better working world

I pride myself on bringing new ways of thinking to any problem that I am trying to solve. My approach to client engagements utilizes a lens of sustainable innovation — where value is shared across not only shareholders, consumers and users but also our planet and our communities.

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