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EY can help you manage the crisis and stabilize your business in the short-term. We can also help you navigate the downturn and position yourselves for the recovery or look beyond to enable your transformation through corporate strategy and transactions, M&A and divestments.

Strategies for successful corporate separations

Explore further to discover why the market is rewarding the shrink-to-grow model and request the full report.

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Our latest thinking

Energy M&A Quick Takes: How companies are transforming deal structures

In the Energy M&A Quick Takes video, EY leaders discuss oil and gas consolidation, and integrations that require more due diligence.

21 May 2024 Elizabeth Kaske + 1

How value-based care can help boost health system revenue

Risk contracting for value-based care can provide long-term growth for some health care systems. Read the EY-Parthenon analysis.

17 May 2024 Melinda Durr + 3

CIO Survey: will you set the GenAI agenda or follow the leaders?

Get insights on how CIOs will address the challenges and capture the full benefits of GenAI in the 2024 EY CIO Sentiment Survey.

15 May 2024

M&A outlook signals rebounding US deal market in 2024

Based on economic and market indicators, the latest EY-Parthenon Deal Barometer predicts a rise in deals in the 2024 M&A outlook. Learn more in the report.

10 May 2024 Gregory Daco + 1

How the drivers of private equity value creation are changing

Discover the five key drivers in private equity value creation in uncertain markets.

08 May 2024 Bridget Walsh + 3

Macro Bites: How is M&E navigating the streaming services revolution?  

Learn how media and entertainment (M&E) companies are navigating the streaming services revolution in an unbalanced environment.

08 May 2024

Building a corporate unicorn

Learn how to approach digital business by building a unicorn with a venture mindset and succeed with your digital investment.

22 Apr 2024 Praveen Arivazhagan

How global business leaders can harness the power of GenAI

Learn about five strategic lessons for business leaders seeking to successfully utilize the power of GenAI.

16 Apr 2024 Gregory Daco

GenAI risks and challenges for the economy

Learn about the expected impact of GenAI on the labor market by exploring our four key findings regarding GenAI use.

09 Apr 2024 Lydia Boussour

Macro Bites: Capital allocation priorities

What are companies’ capital allocation priorities as interest rates are poised to fall? Watch the episode.

20 Mar 2024

The impact of GenAI on the labor market

Learn about the expected impact of GenAI on the labor market by exploring our four key findings regarding GenAI use.

14 Feb 2024 Gregory Daco

Macro Bites: M&A deal activity in 2024’s nuanced macroeconomic environment

A nuanced macroeconomic environment provides opportunities for increased M&A deal activity in 2024.

31 Jan 2024

The productivity potential of GenAI

Explore the likelihood of future substantial productivity gains from the use of generative AI across sectors.

22 Jan 2024 Lydia Boussour

Global economic outlook: finding balance in 2024

The 2024 global economic outlook includes a search for equilibrium amid lingering turbulence and volatility as policymakers try to maintain a soft landing.

19 Jan 2024 Gregory Daco + 1

Catalyzing economic growth through capital investment in GenAI

Generative artificial intelligence (GenAI) has the potential to be a significant strategic economic lever for businesses across sectors.

13 Dec 2023 Gregory Daco

Macro Bites: Beating health care industry challenges

Industry leaders need to look to tech solutions, partnerships and M&A to overcome health care industry challenges.

13 Dec 2023

How autonomous technology is revolutionizing mobility and manufacturing

Learn how to develop a new safety, testing framework for AI robotics.

13 Mar 2023 Dr. Shawn Kimmel

    Our EY Strategy and Transactions team

    Mitch Berlin

    EY Americas Vice Chair, Strategy and Transactions

    Dedicated to finding and capturing the most value from every transaction. Passionate advocate for diversity and inclusiveness as the cornerstones of successful teams and businesses.

    New York, USA

    Jennifer Arnolie

    Partner, Ernst & Young LLP; EY Americas Strategy and Transactions Deputy Leader

    Experienced professional in transaction tax, divestiture advisory services, and bankruptcy and restructuring. Avid supporter of women founders.

    Tysons, USA

    Loren Garruto

    EY Global Corporate Finance Leader

    Results-oriented business advisor focused on driving shareholder value. Collaborator, developer of people, avid reader and proud mother.

    Pittsburgh, USA

    Andy Lorenzetti

    EY Americas Sell and Separate Leader

    Experienced advisor helping the top life sciences, industrials, tech and other companies enact strategic divestment decisions. Father of four boys. Lucky husband. Shore person who loves watersports.

    Iselin, USA

    Elizabeth Kaske

    EY Americas Strategy and Transactions Buy & Integrate Leader

    Focused on mergers, acquisitions, divestitures and large-scale transformations. Mother, golfer, runner. Enjoys yoga, wakesurfing and global travel.

    San Francisco, USA

    Chris Librizzi

    EY-Parthenon Americas Strategy Leader

    Focused on what it takes for our work to drive lasting change. Believer in the power of diverse and inclusive cultures. Advisor to education leaders reshaping their organizations. Husband and father.

    New York, USA

    Gaurav Malhotra

    EY Americas Reshaping Results & EY US Restructuring Leader

    Experienced turnaround and restructuring advisor serving a variety of sectors. Loves to navigate clients through a challenge. Family man who enjoys the outdoors and is still trying to break 90.

    Chicago, USA

    Barak Ravid

    EY-Parthenon Americas Leader

    Energized by all things at the intersection of technology and strategy. Passionate about the strength of diverse and inclusive teams. Love sailing, biking, soccer, snowboarding. Father of three girls.

    San Francisco, USA

    Brian Salsberg

    EY Global Buy and Integrate Leader

    Passionate acquisition and merger integration leader and aficionado of all things deal-related. Global citizen. World traveler. Husband. Father of two.

    New York, USA

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