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The future of mining and metals is focused on embracing digital while optimizing productivity and portfolios. 

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How mining and metals companies can navigate ESG tax and regulatory challenges

Learn how mining will play a pivotal role in the energy transition. In this webcast, panelists from across the Americas will discuss the tax landscape.

22 May 2024 | 16:00 your local time

How silver miners can build long-term competitiveness

Growing clean energy demands and supply deficits require silver miners to shift to sustainable, efficient operations.

01 May 2024 EY Americas

Sustainable and efficient operations for copper miners

As demand for clean energy rises and supply falls short, copper miners must transition toward more sustainable and efficient operations. Learn more.

07 Mar 2024 Ron Butler

How gold miners can build long-term competitiveness

Gold miners are capitalizing on higher prices to grow their portfolios and prioritizing ESG as gold gains popularity as an investment asset. Read how.

07 Mar 2024 EY Americas

How bold action can accelerate the world’s multiple energy transitions

Our energy system is reshaping at speed, but in different ways across different markets. Three accelerators can fast-track change. Learn more.

05 Dec 2023 Serge Colle + 3

Are the global winds of change sending offshore in a new direction?

Turbulent times in the offshore wind sector could change the way large-scale energy projects are built and funded in future. Read more in RECAI 62.

14 Nov 2023 Arnaud de Giovanni + 1

Will local ambition fast-track or frustrate the global energy transition?

The Inflation Reduction Act has triggered competition in renewables, but could unbalance international capital allocation. Read more in RECAI 61.

13 Jun 2023 Ben Warren + 1

How Europe can unblock the midstream battery materials bottleneck

Explore how battery materials capacity holdups along the midstream are impacting Europe’s ability to develop a local and sustainable battery economy. Learn More

19 May 2023 James Nicholson + 2

Why wavering consumer confidence could stall the energy transition

The Energy Consumer Confidence Index reveals that the impact of the energy transition is hitting home. Discover more.

24 Apr 2023 Greg Guthridge

How a modern enterprise resource planning (ERP) system supports growth

Diamondback Energy implements SAP S/4HANA® for a quick-to-market solution with minimal business disruptions.

22 Dec 2022 James White
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