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The EY Health Care team is laser-focused on the industry’s shifting priorities to help drive a better working health care ecosystem.


Our integrated group of highly skilled professionals bring deep insights and leading strategies to address industry challenges that are top of mind for health executives and the populations they serve.

Our latest thinking

Why metrics are the building blocks for supply chain transformation 

A health care provider had a vision to deliver quality care more efficiently, but divergent data management was clouding the horizon.

07 May 2024 Ryan Siemers

How to build a foundation in AI to accelerate health transformation

Using AI to speed health care transformation and add value will require executives to strategize current work and architect for the future. Learn more.

04 Mar 2024 Aloha McBride

How health equity by design can help finance women-centric solutions

At the Equity 2030 Alliance Roundtable in Berlin, concern centered on the systemic failure to address women’s distinct health requirements. Read more.

01 Mar 2024 Yele Aluko + 1

How effective infrastructure can power care coordination

Despite its focus on care coordination, the time is now for the health industry to build an infrastructure for successful execution and real impacts. Learn more.

20 Feb 2024

How to define and execute on a successful retail health business model

The health care industry has seen tremendous investment in retail health but has had mixed results. Read more

15 Feb 2024 Mike India + 2

 How health organizations can use ecosystems to break down silos

Discover how an EY-orchestrated ecosystem can help health organizations surmount departmental separations and elevate health outcomes.

16 Jan 2024 Kate Huey

How generative AI can optimize health care supply chains

Technology lets organizations capture efficiencies and improve patient care. Find out more.

15 Dec 2023 Ryan Siemers + 1

Macro Bites: Beating health care industry challenges

Industry leaders need to look to tech solutions, partnerships and M&A to overcome health care industry challenges.

13 Dec 2023

How health care payers are focusing IT spending as costs rise

Download The 2023 EY-Parthenon and KLAS Research Payer Tech Study to discover where payers are making strategic health care IT investments to improve operations.

19 Nov 2023

    Mallory Caldwell, EY Americas Health Leader discusses how data helps provide personalised care experience and bring back the joy of practicing medicine for caregivers.

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