Health care streamlined through EY Care Coordination

EY Care Coordination. Improving patient care management and lowering the total cost of care. Request a demo.



Improving patient outcomes and streamlining health care processes

Simplify complex health care, monitor patient progress and resolve barriers to effective care delivery. EY Care Coordination helps payers, providers and payviders better engage patients in their care plans to streamline and manage care, improve patient satisfaction, enhance outcomes and lower costs.

A patient’s care requirements are consolidated within a single  mobile and web app where the patient or their representatives can get prescription reminders, access patient data and arrange transportation assistance.

Mixed race woman researching medication on tablet computer

EY Care Coordination seamlessly combines with electronic medical records, existing payer services and third-party apps from rideshares, pharmacies and nursing services. This simplifies health care, improving patient outcomes and potentially cutting health care expenses.

Home care healthcare professional using digital tablet

EY Care Coordination helps identify and resolve obstacles and gaps that can hinder health care delivery, impact patient outcomes and disrupt care coordination.

Caring mid adult nurse teaches a senior male patient how to use a pharmacy app on a digital tablet. He will use the app to refill his prescription medication.

The EY Care Coordination tool cuts operational costs by improving outreach, streamlining care coordination and reducing unnecessary activities like missed appointments and non-reimbursable readmissions, optimizing expenses for health care providers.

A Korean doctor is making a home visit to see a patient. The patient is a caucasian woman with cancer. The cancer patient has a shaved head because chemotherapy treatment has caused hair loss. The doctor is showing the patient test results on a digital tablet.

Streamlined processes. Improved patient outcomes. Lower care costs.


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EY Care Coordination enhances patient health outcomes and helps patients to be more actively involved in their health care. Leveraging Pegasystems intelligent process automation, EY Care Coordination equips care coordinators with comprehensive patient health profiles and data, enabling more structured and effective care coordination. Digitally coordinating health care across providers, payers and payviders to manage complex patient care.

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