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How enhancing outcomes with AI drives personalized care coordination

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EY Care Coordination boosts patient outcomes, streamlines care and reduces readmissions using AI.

In brief
  • EY Care Coordination tool transitions care from reactive to proactive, focusing on timely care and reducing readmissions.
  • This app/web tool connects health care providers, optimizes care for complex cases, and offers patients a hands-on role in their health management.
  • With the EY-Pega Alliance, health organizations can adapt to changes in the industry, improving patient well-being and outcomes.

How enhancing patient outcomes with AI drives personalized care coordination

Health care leaders are facing unprecedented challenges. Care is shifting from reactive disease- and treatment-based to proactive prevention. Greater collaboration between providers and payers is centered on shared risk for specific-patient populations. And health care organizations struggle how to best engage consumers. Out of the need to address these issues and more, comes an innovative solution: EY Care Coordination.


This tool, which is built on Pegasystem's Healthcare Foundation and Care Management application is the result of collaboration between EY and Pegasystems. It focuses on addressing key components of the care journey: providing timely care, reducing avoidable readmissions, and ensuring positive outcomes.


Care that doesn’t stop after discharge


Powered by Pega technology, EY Care Coordination offers benefits that save precious time and resources necessary to mitigate readmissions. These include:


  • Care coordination using virtual capabilities
  • Patient access to information 
  • Heightened administrative efficiency including follow-up visits
  • Secure access to medical records


Health in the palm of your hand


The EY Care Coordination tool is a mobile app and web-based interface that keeps the patient experience front and center.


Leveraging Pegasystems technology, it seamlessly connects health care providers and streamlines care, even for high-risk and complex patient cases. For example, if the patient is an elderly woman with chronic illness, by using EY Care Coordination, she has access to her medical team's care plan. Using the app, she records her symptoms, and requests prescription help and appointment assistance. The app also reminds her of medication, tracks compliance, records severe symptoms and instantaneously alerts her care team if she forgets to take medication. This immediate response can prevent emergencies, reduce hospitalizations, improve care coordination and increase her comfort levels.


Key features of EY Care Coordination include:


  • Care that’s centralized – Patients (and their caregivers) can track care, get reminded of prescriptions and even arrange transportation.
  • Identify and improve issues – Gaps in care are identified and resolved through the app, improving patient outcomes in near real-time.
  • Seamless integration – The tool integrates with existing EMRs, payor systems and more.


Elevating health care with the EY-Pega Alliance


The EY-Pega Alliance enables organizations to improve their response to changes in the health care industry, which accelerates and increases the value provided to patients and members. The EY Care Coordination tool is a prime example of this as well as how technology and collaboration can improve patient well-being.


By leveraging the EY Care Coordination tool, health care leaders can address readmissions, improve patient outcomes and help move health care beyond today’s challenges.




Using AI to enhance patient outcomes, improves care coordination and reduces readmissions.

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