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How to drive growth and unlock value

If you could reimagine your business, what would you change to make your company the best creator of value it can be? Enterprise Reimagined is the EY approach to help leaders develop a deeper understanding of how their business generates value. With better insights, leaders can strategically allocate capital and resources to create better versions of their companies – more nimble, more competitive and capable of delivering greater shareholder returns.

The EY approach

Enterprise Reimagined is a differentiated approach that drives large-scale company reinventions, bringing together capital, resources, and focused execution. It emphasizes an investor mindset and a strategic, multi-disciplinary view to create new value.

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All companies at some point face the types of transitional situations that create opportunities for reimagining growth. Explore below examples of our work with clients.

Technology transformation at a building products manufacturer

Manufacturing tapping tool in spindle tapping into a steel

After more than 20 years of acquisitive growth, the company was planning an enterprise resource transformation to replace its aging system.

How we helped

An EY team helped create a roadmap and investment case for the program, involving dozens of business units. The business case focused on speed-to-value and coordination with the technology implementation, shared services design, working capital improvement and tax optimization.

Client benefits

More than $250 million in savings over 10 years, from working capital, tax, and other efficiencies that self-funded the technology implementation. Increased ability to evaluate where technology investments yield the greatest value.

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Capital allocation strategy overhaul at a pharmaceutical company

Pharma test tubes with colorful chemicals

The company had an inconsistent capital allocation process due to a lack of integrated data and analytics capabilities as well as limited visibility into investment performance across franchises and functions.

How we helped

The EY team helped design a detailed capital allocation process, including operating model, prioritization and data-tracking capabilities. We also helped build data collection mechanisms, leadership dashboards and forecasting tools.

Client benefits

Better and more flexible decision-making in the capital allocation process, enabled by an automated, data-driven enterprise portfolio management program.

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New market opportunity at a Latin American telecom

Telecom High speed broadband glass fiber internet cable

The company was looking to unlock new revenue streams and accelerate digital service innovation to address customer needs.

How we helped

The EY team helped set up a new digital marketplace and revenue stream by bringing valuable services to the company’s target market. We also helped move the large subscriber base to digital through enhanced customer experience and digital services. 

Client benefits

  • An agile, customer-centric innovation cycle to drive continuous benefits for customers 

  • New value propositions to connect with customers around their lifestyle needs and deliver new services collaboratively with its ecosystem partners

  • Accelerated time-to-market of new digital services.

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Creating value at a business products manufacturer

Business products machine for manufacturing plastic bags

The company was spinning off 20% of its business and wanted to take the opportunity to conduct a commercial, operational and financial transformation of the remaining business.

How we helped 

The EY team helped execute a four-phase program to improve profitability through revenue growth, asset and process optimizations, and organizational streamlining. 

The project included an assessment to identify value-creation initiatives, as well as planning and execution of these initiatives. 

Client benefits 

  • 35%-45% earnings improvement over three years

  • A leaner organization 

  • Technology to help automate value creation processes

  • A reimagined company culture with a new focus on success and continuous improvement

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EY Enterprise Reimagined leaders

How EY can help

Strategy, transaction and transformation consulting

EY teams help clients reimagine the most critical components of the organization.

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Corporate finance consulting

A strong financial strategy is key to identifying goals and executing the transformation plan.

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Valuation, modeling & economics

A rigorous valuation and economic analysis are key components of the reimagination journey.

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Managed services

We help lift the burden of noncore activities so leaders can focus on innovating for growth.

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Reshaping results

The heart of our approach is transformed financial and operational performance.

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Buy-side M&A advisory services

EY teams help integrate transactions as an essential part of the reimagination process.

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