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The tax legislative agenda: navigating today’s tax landscape

Featured Exploring the Corporate Alternative Minimum Tax 22 Jun 2023
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In the US and around the globe, multinational companies are navigating a rapidly changing tax landscape. Calls to change the tax code, enhance transparency and increase enforcement are widespread, including those driven by BEPS 2.0, with many jurisdictions enacting piecemeal changes that can significantly impact companies’ supply chains, operations and risk profile.

BEPS 2.0

BEPS 2.0 rules dramatically change the international tax landscape, potentially bringing reporting and compliance challenges to every industry.

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    DC Dynamics podcast series

    DC Dynamics focuses on what’s coming up in US tax policy, with a look to the past as our guide. Host Ray Beeman breaks down and examines current developments in Congress and puts them into political and policy context.


    “My why, with EY” video series showcasing EY tax luminaries

    This video series provides a glimpse into the extraordinary personal and professional journeys of five giants in the tax industry. The luminaries featured in this series represent the wide-ranging experience, strategic thinking and deep technical knowledge of EY tax professionals.
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    Your guides through tax policy and legislative developments

    We understand how tax policy works. Our tax policy professionals have extensive experience; many of our team members have held senior positions at the U.S. Treasury, Internal Revenue Service and on Capitol Hill. This collective knowledge allows us to offer a range of services that can help companies stay ahead of potential tax changes around the world, better manage tax risk and understand tax trends that may affect future investment and business decisions.
    Edited by Ray Beeman

    Principal and Leader, Washington Council Ernst & Young

    Former congressional tax staff for Ways and Means and Joint Committee on Taxation. California Golden Bear always.

    Edited by Barbara Angus

    EY Global Tax Policy Leader

    Enthusiastic participant in the global tax policy dialogue. Zealous advocate. Leverages invaluable experience gained as a founding member of an all-lawyer comedy troupe.

    Edited by Scott Roberti

    EY US State Policy Services Leader

    Experienced Tax professional with an informed perspective on state tax policy, fiscal matters and business advocacy strategies.

    Edited by Colleen O’Neill

    EY US National Tax Department Leader, International Tax and Transaction Services

    Experienced tax professional focused on international tax policy.

    Edited by Jeffrey Van Hove

    EY US National Tax Department Deputy and US Tax Policy Leader

    Experienced tax leader with more than 20 years in leadership positions at well-known private and public companies, international law firms and the U.S. Treasury Department.

    Edited by Jose Murillo

    Partner, National Tax Department Co-Leader, Ernst & Young LLP

    Former Deputy Assistant Treasury Secretary (International Tax Affairs) at the U.S. Treasury Department.

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