When public policy does not build a better working world for our clients, we go to work on changing the policy.

Ray Beeman

Principal and Leader, Washington Council Ernst & Young

Former congressional tax staff for Ways and Means and Joint Committee on Taxation. California Golden Bear always.

Ray provides strategic advice and representation on issues and developments involving tax and budget policy.  

He serves clients by active representation of businesses, trade associations and coalitions in diverse industries on legislative, regulatory and treaty matters before Congress, the White House, the Treasury Department and the Internal Revenue Service.

Ray is a former Tax Counsel and Special Advisor for Tax Reform with the US House Committee on Ways and Means, where he helped guide the development of the Tax Reform Act of 2014, a comprehensive tax reform plan. He also served Congress as Legislation Counsel for the Joint Committee on Taxation, playing a significant role in the development of tax legislation, ratification of income tax treaties, and investigations into tax-related matters.

Ray is a frequent speaker on Congress and tax policy issues and is a member of the State bar of California and the District of Columbia Bar. 

How Ray is building a better working world

Ray helps clients build their voice and create change in the nation’s capital by actively representing clients and providing strategic advice on tax legislative issues. Ray also delivers clients with real time-time strategic advice to help seize opportunities or mitigate risks to stay ahead of the changes brought by passage of new legislation, promulgation of new regulations or electoral outcomes.

Ray's latest thinking

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