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Digitalization is transforming the relationship between businesses, individuals and governments. Digital transformation requires businesses to be on guard against regulatory penalties and reputation risk — and to do so at the rapid pace that digital enables.

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Digitalization is transforming legal and contractual relationships between businesses, individuals and governments. As more data is being collected, stored and exchanged electronically, not only do new monetization opportunities arise, but so do new risks and responsibilities, including data privacy and cybersecurity.

Digital transformation requires general counsel to be on guard against possible regulatory penalties and reputation risk — and to do so at the rapid pace that digital enables.

The EY Digital Law team can help identifying digital risk areas and meet the legal challenges in following areas:

How EY Data Permissions Navigator can help manage data privacy risk

Markets and consumers continue to be excited by the latest information-driven innovations. But the rate at which data is now routinely collected and processed has led to a significant increase in social and regulatory scrutiny.

EY Data Permissions Navigator (EY DPN) is a cloud-based, intelligent data privacy risk management platform designed to help organizations make the right data use decisions quickly and unlock the value of the data. EY DPN automatically analyzes fact patterns together with internal standards, data ethics and global laws and regulations to take the pain out of privacy risk management for functions across the business, including law, compliance, IT, product engineering and operations. EY DPN helps organizations:

  • Use data with more confidence, for more purposes, in a way that builds customer trust
  • Manage the risk of regulatory, legal and ethical violations to deliver sustainable revenues from your data
  • Increase accountability and transparency into data use and risk decisions
  • Automate complex legal processes to speed up value realization and reduce process inefficiencies

Three steps to navigate data permissions using EY DPN

EY Data Permissions Navigator is available on a per user basis with standard implementation fees. The platform provides an intuitive interface with well-defined processes and guidance at each step in the journey.

Step 1: user submits fact pattern on the proposed use of data

  • Pre-defined risk assessment forms are available for different types of assessments including privacy impact, data use, third country law, data transfer impact and record of processing
  • Existing compliance data from control solutions can be imported into EY DPN automatically via an API

Step 2: platform conducts data use assessment

  • Advanced reasoning engine analyzes the submitted fact pattern against relevant laws and regulations, ethical principles and organizational risk appetite
  • Incorporates a data ethics framework

Step 3: receive detailed analysis and trends

  • Delivers ‘stop/go/consult’ guidance on data use along with analysis of relevant privacy and ethical risks within seconds
  • Interactive dashboards allow users to monitor trends across use cases and investigate risk outliers
  • Audit trail increases accountability

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