Mobility Lens Suite: Explore the future of mobility

It’s easy to feel lost on the road to the future of mobility, which encompasses automotive and transportation. These proprietary EY research toolsets point you toward where the transition is headed globally — in consumer attitudes, regulatory developments, technological advances and predicted market adoption — using artificial intelligence and other cutting-edge practices.

What EY can do for you

Across the world, the transition to the future of mobility exists on different timelines in different regions, driven by a whole host of players: sustainability-minded governments offering incentives, energy providers and other sectors building out infrastructure, original equipment manufacturers designing the vehicles of the future, and consumers balancing green preferences with cost concerns. Meanwhile, the economics of electric batteries continues to shift, new technologies are advancing, and the COVID-19 pandemic turned the entire landscape upside-down.

Organizations must define their role in this emerging eMobility ecosystem, maintain a total focus on the customer experience and partner intelligently across the value chain to access greater opportunities for growth. But with this much uncertainty, how can you find a holistic window into eMobility and how it’s evolving? The answer is the EY Mobility Lens Suite: a series of proprietary research tools offering dynamic and distinctive insights.

The suite caters to the diverse needs of mobility practitioners, across the connected, autonomous, shared and electric mobility, helping you keep your fingers on the pulse of top trends — in the consumer, regulatory, technology and market development realms. Here are four key components.

The shift toward eMobility

Electrification in mobility is gathering pace, demanding the reinvention of strategies, operating models and supply chains. EY teams can help you see the potential in eMobility and reframe your future in the new ecosystem.

Our latest thinking

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