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Discover how the EY-Microsoft Alliance helps clients innovate beyond the competition.

Every day, throughout the world, businesses, governments, and capital markets rely on EY business ingenuity and the power of Microsoft technology to solve the most challenging global issues.

Our alliance brings a compelling formula to spark the potential of the cloud and unlock the power of data. Blending trusted industry expertise with innovative cloud technology, our strategic relationship draws on decades of success developing visionary solutions that provide lasting value. Together, we empower organizations to create exceptional experiences that help the world work better and achieve more.

Push the boundaries, unleash your potential, gain a competitive edge.

The EY-Microsoft Alliance helps organizations transform their businesses with innovative, industry-specific solutions and deep technical credentials that can make a lasting impact and drive sustainable growth. By tailoring solutions to meet unique business needs, clients push their boundaries, unleash their potential, and gain a competitive edge.

Inspiring innovation: Successful digital transformations with EY and Microsoft

Successful technology-enabled transformations hinge on radical customer centricity and deep employee engagement. As technology increasingly shapes our world, people remain at the heart of meaningful change, driving technological investments and adoption towards valuable outcomes. To date, our client-centric approach has powered over thousands of projects globally to help clients in their successful digital transformations.

Discover how, together with Microsoft, we catalyze transformative business value and can help you achieve your goals.

How embracing AI built intelligent efficiencies for a manufacturing leader


Global manufacturing and supply chain management are more complex than ever. Rising geopolitical tensions, globalization of third-party partnerships, and rapid advances in AI and technology all present intersecting challenges. This was the case for a manufacturing leader who tapped EY to help re-envision and manage their business and technological transformation.

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Enhancing trust and authenticity with seamless workplace verification

Verifying employment status and credentials for new recruits and suppliers on LinkedIn posed a significant challenge leaving HR and Identity and Access Management teams to manually verify employment, causing increased costs, longer screening times, and onboarding delays. Discover how EY teams combined Microsoft Entra Verified ID with unique identity orchestration for authentic workplace verification.

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Microsoft Viva empowers seamless digital-first employee experience transformation


Discover how an energy company overcame operational inefficiencies and improved customer service using the Microsoft Viva suite of applications. Streamlined communications, enhanced access to information, and a digital-first approach led to increased efficiency, rapid adoption, and elevated customer satisfaction.

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Discover how the EY-Microsoft alliance generates value for clients by unlocking the power of data and AI


Discover how an American manufacturer overcame operational constraints and streamlined production processes through partnership with the EY team. Leveraging Microsoft Azure technologies and the Power Platform, they achieved significant reductions in downtime and improved maintenance predictions, resulting in recovered sales revenue. This scalable framework provided by EY expertise in deploying Microsoft technology offers flexibility for future enhancements.

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    The EY and Microsoft Alliance


    Together, we empower organizations to create exceptional experiences that help the world work better and achieve more.

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