I help clients jump the S curve with industry-first transformations, creating the future using the power of evolving technology and business models.

Subbu Natarajan

EY Americas Technology Transformation Leader – Architecture

Helping clients deliver reimagined future business at scale holistically. Leveraging the power of evolving technology.

Subbu serves as a peer advisor to the C-suite — CTOs, CIOs, CDOs and others — to help develop transformative potential for their businesses.

Subbu has a diverse background, including driving the go-to-market strategy for new products for large organizations to startups, rethinking the product and delivery models for market access, and at-scale architecture and engineering. He has helped many clients shift to operate as cloud platform companies and adopt a model of continuous innovation to disrupt existing markets.

He looks at patterns driving the wave of growth across industries and finds opportunities for companies to benefit from the next B2B2C wave.

Subbu has played a critical role helping several companies make the shift from legacy operations to modern B2B, and profit from the B2C wave. He has also led several large-scale transformations across multiple sectors, including media and entertainment, hospitality and gaming, energy and utilities.

How Subbu is building a better working world

“I like to balance my time between learning, thinking and mentoring to enhance the impact.

The world has fortunately given me the opportunity to create an impact in various societies — from young learners in the field of science to all-generation learners in the field of fading languages, such as Sanskrit, and supporting the well-being of animals that cannot speak, by supporting local animal farms. Additionally, my profession has allowed me to motivate and work with fellow personnel toward a compelling vision of the future at large within multiple industries and a commitment to make progress every year.

Collectively, this is allowing me to contribute to a well-rounded impact in communities that contributed to my growth — communities I live in and serve.”

Subbu’s latest thinking

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