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Technology, media and entertainment, and telecommunications (TMT) companies led the world in digitalization. This transformation enabled companies to pivot their strategies in response to critical challenges globally, such as the increasing need for remote work, distance learning, telemedicine, consumer online shopping and more.

Today, as industries converge and new digital technologies develop, the pace of change continues to accelerate. With these advances come new challenges including regulatory ambiguity, market volatility, environmental, social and government (ESG) concerns, increased competition, and new consumer behavior. 

How do companies in this sector develop and sustain the agility to continue to thrive and lead this technological revolution? The answer? Having the right strategy realized. In other words, creating a strategy based upon a broad perspective on the competitive landscape within the correct market context. Companies need strategies that are based upon a deep understanding of new technologies (e.g., AI, blockchain, 5G, digital infrastructure), changing business models, cyberthreats, and disruptive competitors. These businesses must also identify what drivers will lead to long-term, sustainable value creation.

EY-Parthenon teams can help. We have crafted customized and sustainable strategies with a deep understanding of digital technologies and transformation. EY-Parthenon TMT strategy consulting teams provide corporate and growth strategy, digital infrastructure strategy, product and technology diligence, new market entry approaches, portfolio strategy and business model reinvention. We pinpoint and assess potential acquisition targets. We help develop new collaborations with public and private organizations. We also help TMT organizations respond to external challenges. From supply chain issues to future growth strategies, we help companies prioritize ESG, build resilience and turn disruption to opportunity. From technical due diligence to integration assistance to planning a divestment, EY-Parthenon teams can ease transitions. And if performance is an issue, we work with companies to realize rapid improvement. We do this through activities such as portfolio realignment, corporate strategy assessments, or strategic cost evaluation.

The TMT sector is moving rapidly. Let EY-Parthenon TMT strategy consulting teams help you get in front of the competition today while you explore your growth opportunities for tomorrow. 

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