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Smart connected environments create a fast, efficient and reliable world powered by high-speed data, where AI is accessible and customizable at a rapid pace. The digital infrastructure of today is not prepared for this scale, but radical transformation can accelerate growth and realize this vision.
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Supporting smart connected experiences for tomorrow and beyond will require transforming today’s digital infrastructures and operations so that they can help deliver at scale. Smart connected environments require highly integrated seamless movement of data, new levels of interconnectivity and AI-enabled computation capabilities. Some examples of the new demands placed on digital infrastructure include:

  • Device-to-device communications help enable direct interconnectivity and data exchange between smart devices without the need for intermediary network assistance.
  • “Five nines” reliability equates to 99.999% uptime to secure a maximum of only 5.26 minutes of downtime per year.
  • Latency as low as 5ms significantly enhances real-time applications and services by reducing delay and improving responsiveness.
  • Bandwidth as high as 10 Gbps enhances capacity to transmit large amounts of data swiftly.
  • Significant increase in coverage of wireless connectivity of remote and subsurface areas.

Scaling smart connected environments calls for the next generation of digital infrastructures that delivers:

  • Ubiquitous global wireless mesh built on an open RAN platform, creating an integrated “network of networks
  • Interconnected aerial and terrestrial connections through a wireless network that is intelligent and interoperable
  • Seamless handoffs between communications networks across diverse environments
  • Multi-tier computing architecture that scales to meet the explosion of data processing and storage from edge to cloud
  • Smart and efficient computing infrastructure that processes data in the right place, with the right data security requirements
  • Computational resources located at near and far edge nodes to help improved latency, limit bandwidth costs, and increase autonomy
  • Ecosystems of business and technology applications to help manage and monitor digital infrastructure and smart connected capabilities

Achieving the next generation of digital infrastructure will require organizations to systematically revisit current technology communication and business paradigms. EY teams help companies work through these challenges through our suite of digital infrastructure services including:

The evolution of digital infrastructure requires a generational shift and demands innovative approaches to how we work, and how we operate our business and ecosystem partnerships. The shift creates massive opportunities as well as threats for players across the ecosystem. Trillions of dollars are at stake. Without this generational shift in digital infrastructure, reaching Industry 4.0 and embedding generative AI (GenAI) into operations would be impossible.

The team

Jesal Bhuta

EY Americas As-a-Service Business Operations and Transformation Solution Leader.
Business and technology transformation leader helping clients shift to As-a-Service models and redefine strategies to accelerate subscription and consumption revenues.
San Jose, USA

Geoff Vickrey

EY Americas Technology Consulting Leader
Helping clients thrive in the Transformative Age with purposeful innovation. Supporting diversity, investing in the next generation of leaders. Enjoys spending time with family, golfing and traveling.
Dallas, USA

Tom Loozen

EY Global Telecommunications Leader
Fascinated by the positive impact of telecoms. Passionate musician. Enjoys educating himself on psychology, wine, sports, technology, arts and much more. Husband and father of three daughters.
Amsterdam, NLD

Channing Flynn

EY Global International Tax and Transaction Services Partner, Global Technology Tax Sector Leader
Global Technology Tax Sector Leader. Traveller who enjoys fly fishing in remote locations, skiing, sailing and getting lost in small villages. Father. Soccer and flag football coach.
San Jose, USA

Ken Englund

EY Americas Industry Markets Leader, TMT
Focused on helping technology, consumer electronics, internet, social commerce and software companies solve critical business issues.

Ludvic Baquié

EY US Technology, Media & Entertainment and Telecommunications (TMT) Capital Operations and Innovation Suite (COInS) Leader.
Transformative and innovative solutions leader in technology and telecom. Avid learner. Dedicated husband and proud father.
Miami, USA

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