We are excited to be advising our clients on the numerous opportunities and challenges of the rapidly changing software economy, as it eats its way across the traditional vertical sectors of our economy.

Jeff Vogel

EY-Parthenon Americas Software Strategy Group Leader

Advisor to top PE firms and software companies. Provides guidance for driving value across product, technology and R&D strategy. Navigates the software economy.

Jeff is the EY-Parthenon Americas Software Strategy Group Leader. 

Jeff has more than 30 years of experience as an entrepreneur, executive, investor, and strategy consultant in the software economy. His clients include and have included the leading PE firms investing in software and their numerous portfolio companies.

Jeff co-founded and helped build Bulger Partners, a boutique firm which was sold to EY in 2018 becoming the Software Strategy Group at EY-Parthenon. Since then the group has grown from about 30 people to over 200 in the US alone, and has been involved with most of the leading software transactions in the industry.

Jeff graduated from Brown University with a degree in Computer Science and Economics.

How Jeff is building a better working world

As every business becomes a software business, Jeff helps both technology and non-tech companies make smart software strategy decisions and investments to turbocharge capabilities across the organization. At the same time, he is passionate about building unparalleled career paths for our professionals who aspire to grow in the software economy.

Jeff’s latest thinking

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