How will you create value in a reimagined food system?

Food and agriculture face systemic change driven by consumer-centricity, planet-friendly initiatives and increasingly connected ecosystems.

Changing consumer demands are fueling a shift from a commodity-driven supply chain focused on scale to a personalized and value-added food and ag ecosystem. Adapting to this dynamic environment requires us to reimagine a food system where technology enables new collaboration, consumer demand drives production, and sustainability shapes investment decisions. It requires smart strategic planning grounded in an objective view of the current state, data-driven analysis of market opportunities and expert insight into future scenarios.

EY professionals look beyond vertical siloes to understand the forces that are reshaping the industry — from ingredients and data, to processing and products, to behaviors and brands — to deliver innovative approaches that help food companies thrive today and create long-term value in a reimagined food system.

The food system has been upended. From how food is grown to how it’s purchased and eaten, consumer preferences have pushed the value chain to a tipping point. To predict demand and enable agility across the food system, reimagined business models must be connected, planet-friendly and consumer-centric.

We help food companies across the value chain unleash the power of a connected system.

With consumer insights, we help you define your role in the food ecosystem. We harmonize your supply chain, technology, sustainability and portfolio strategies to create a responsive system, built for value. Are you ready to unleash connection?

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Building a consumer-centric operating model with food industry insights:

  • Leverage consumer data to create tailored food experiences
  • Align your operations to meet evolving consumer demands
  • Gain insights for effective market positioning and growth
  • Improve your presence across channels to engage and supply consumers effectively

Client story

Leveraging the EY Future Consumer Index

 The challenge

The food system has shifted from a market dictated by supply to one based on demand. Companies need to intimately understand food demand across segments.

 The solution

The EY Future Consumer Index tracks the changing consumer over time, providing a perspective for which changes are temporary and are more fundamental shifts.

 The outcome 

Food companies with better understanding of consumer segments are more equipped to invest in new categories, capabilities and markets to drive improved value for consumers.

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Connected System

Transforming a frozen-food company’s supply chain to increase connectivity that sets the table for enabling growth:

  • Develop a connected commercial and supply chain strategy
  • Rationalize SKUs to reduce complexity and align inventory and distribution with consumer demand
  • Assess manufacturing efficiency and implement continuous improvement processes
  • Use technology to improve logistics and realize cost savings


Client story

How a frozen-foods brand kept its cool on the way to being No. 1

 The challenge

This frozen-food company was faced with overcomplexity and limited connectivity across its supply chain, hindering its ability to meet rising demand.

 The solution

Implemented a commercial and supply chain strategy, improved inventory management, aligned production with consumer demand and enhanced connectivity for the client’s operations and distribution networks

 The outcome 

Improved operational efficiency, cost reduction, accelerated market growth and enhanced customer satisfaction, resulting in increased profitability and expanded market share across the globe.

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Helping food companies transition to sustainable packaging solutions for consumer satisfaction and reduced environmental impact:

  • Creating sustainable flexible packaging solutions for reduced environmental impact
  • Collaborating to create sound ecosystems and drive change at scale
  • Aligning internal resources and developing transition plans
  • Staying ahead of regulations and leveraging incentives for sustainable materials
  • Engaging consumers in adopting new behaviors and facilitating accurate recycling

Client story

How can packaging keep things fresh without lasting a lifetime?

 The challenge

Food companies need sustainable packaging solutions that reduce plastic waste, preserve product quality, reinforce brand identity, and align with evolving consumer expectations and regulatory requirements.

 The solution

Deliver packaging solutions aligning internal resources, revisit product and consumer needs, stay ahead of regulations, partner to create ecosystems and engage consumers in sustainable behaviors.

 The outcome 

Collaborating across the value chain on sustainable packaging enables food companies to balance economic viability, technical feasibility and sustainability while mitigating risks and driving scalability.

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