EY Nexus: business transformation platform for financial services

EY Nexus accelerates innovation, unlocks value in ecosystems and powers frictionless customer experiences.

Transforming financial services

Our solution helps you push the boundaries of new ideas and services faster. It combines our deep financial services knowledge with a flexible platform and powerful ecosystems that will enable you to meet your customers’ needs.

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Powering frictionless business

Financial services organizations are re-evaluating their current business models to reinvigorate them with contemporary technologies. EY Nexus is a flexible, scalable transformation solution that bridges the gap between core legacy systems and modern IT platforms. It captures the benefits of modern cloud technology without disrupting operations and creates authentic, customer-centric experiences.

Powering frictionless business

What is EY Nexus?

Core platform

EY Nexus is a versatile, cloud-ready platform offering real-time customer insights. It provides ready-to-use building blocks to develop, maintain and evolve products and services. Our suite of pre-built components is organized across data, intelligence, triggers and journeys, privacy and governance, and development acceleration.

Trusted ecosystem

EY Nexus has a curated partner ecosystem that, when combined with your existing partners and extensive EY sector knowledge and technology professionals, will increase agility and extend your reach.

Industry products 

EY Nexus features a constantly evolving suite of products that are easy to adapt and fit seamlessly into your existing systems to address key customer needs.

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