How shaping consumer experience can optimize growth

An experience-led consumer journey goes beyond selling, e-commerce and omnichannel. It adapts to a world where every journey is different.

Are you ready to create a consumer-led experience journey?

Connect the dots between insights and execution at scale, creating value for consumers, brands and retailers.

The consumer experience is rapidly evolving from a transactional process focused simply on shopping and buying, to a model built on deep, enriching relationships at every step of the customer journey. Retailers and brands must become an indispensable part of consumers’ lives. They must build a sophisticated understanding of the way consumers live, eat, shop, work and play – and use this knowledge to provide value in the right place, at the right time.

An experience-led consumer journey is no small feat. It requires a consumer-centered view of the entire business, from supply chain and operating model to content and marketing, and a technology ecosystem powered by real-time consumer data.

Retailers and brands have been given the permission to change — now, what will they do with it?

Consumers today sit at the center of overwhelming choices across countless channels. There’s too much data and not enough connection. But imagine a world in sync. Imagine consistently giving consumers what they want on terms that are right for you.

With EY, you can unleash the power of connection.

We help retailers and brands bridge data, process, technology and human interaction to uncover insights that create seamless experiences to increase conversion and drive loyalty. We help harmonize impactful marketing, transparent supply chains and personalized interactions, making it easier to turn touch points into trust points and create value that lasts.

When consumer data drives, retailers and brands win

In a tight race for customers, knowledge, insight and strategy are the engine that beats the competition

Consumer experience

Creating customized omnichannel experiences to address customer demands and market trends

  • Employ technology as a differentiator
  • Create unified commerce platforms
  • Blend technology and people
  • Leverage data to enhance customer interactions
Wawa convenience stores and gas stations

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How to become an integral part of your customer’s life

Companies must infuse an experience-led consumer journey throughout the entire value chain to deliver greater customer value.

    Client story

    How Wawa is catering customers with new convenient offerings

    ▉ The challenge

    How to innovate with technology to create personalized customer interactions while maintaining a commitment to convenience and personal connection.


    ▉ The solution

    Understand consumer data to drive a digital transformation that connects the end-to-end customer ecosystem to create a world-class multichannel environment – offering automation and personalization.


    ▉ The outcome

    A unified commerce strategy that supported associates to deliver even greater customer service, enhanced consumer experiences and fulfillment of Wawa’s company purpose.

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    Data-led consumer Insights

    Use data and customer insights to develop new revenue streams

    • Innovate product offerings to reach new markets
    • Employ data-led strategies to understand consumer behavior, needs and wants
    • Optimize consumer insights to create a differentiated consumer experience

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    Why data value exchange is important to retailers and brands

    Working together, retailers and brands can create a holistic data ecosystem to create new, meaningful consumer connections.

      Client story

      How a Swiss dairy co-op launched a new D2C business

      ▉ The challenge

      Find a new market for the Mooh Co-operative product, which was experiencing challenges due to changing government policies and shifting consumer preferences.


      ▉ The solution

      Research new business models and using a data-led strategy, target consumers across multiple channels through interest and behavior patterns to test concepts and prove viability.


      ▉ The outcome

      The launch of a sustainable, new business contributing to 10% of profits and the growth of experience-based consumer products to further enhance loyalty and differentiation.

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      Curating the consumer experience


      An ecosystem approach to shaping the consumer and customer journey. Data, trust and visibility are some of the critical components needed – you don’t need to do it alone.

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      Aerial view of park crossing

      Why consumer data is the foundation to the consumer experience

      Data is a foundational strategic lever for retailers and brands to use to drive the right consumer experience, for the right consumer, at the right time.

      Shattered ice background. Crushed ice pieces spread away from the center in black background.

      Positioning for growth

      Where, when and how to invest are important decisions to create long-term growth and personalization that matters.

      CNBC: Real Time Insights

      Value matters to the consumer; retailers and brands need to leverage data to create value.

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