Empowering people and fostering a culture of innovation and shared knowledge to drive collective success for our teams and clients is my passion.

Doree Keating

EY Americas Government & Public Sector Industry Group Leader and U.S. Army Global Client Service Partner

Trusted advisor. Focused on delivering results-driven insights and proven solutions. Passionate about travel and skiing. Treasure time with my husband, two sons and our dog, Artemis.

Doree’s career spans three decades, with more than 20 years with the EY organization. She currently leads the Americas Government & Public Sector Industry Group into the next phase of growth by leveraging bold, calculated investments to deliver value to our government clients. Doree also serves as the Global Client Service Partner for the U.S. Army, a G360 account, addressing Army’s current challenges and helping them build forward-looking strategies to modernize and transform.

Prior to her current roles, Doree served as the US East Strategy and Transactions (SaT) Managing Partner, leading a $2b cross-functional consulting practice responsible for helping clients modernize their ecosystems, reshape their portfolios and reinvent their organizations for the future.

Doree was the co-founder of the EY Business Relationship and Economic Threat Analysis and SaT’s Cyber Due Diligence solution.

She is a CPA in Virginia, AICPA member and earned a BS in Accounting from Pennsylvania State University.

How Doree is building a better working world

Raised with a deep sense of patriotism, I’m the proud daughter of a World War II veteran who braved the skies over the South China Sea and a courageous grandparent who sought a new life in America from Austria-Hungary. These personal histories have instilled a profound appreciation for the American dream and the importance of contributing to a better working world. It’s a principle that is embedded in my ethos.

In my pursuit to embody this principle, I’m committed to empowering my teams, fostering an environment where they take on new challenges. I encourage them to venture beyond the conventional, to innovate and excel. My dedication extends to assisting government clients in navigating intricate issues, enhancing their capacity to deliver superior services to citizens, and bolstering the safety of the United States and our global partners. Through these endeavors, I’m devoted to building a world that works better for all. 

Doree's latest thinking

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