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EY UtilityWave is an award-winning, business-led data platform that helps companies transform how they manage, integrate and use data from enterprise systems, IoT devices and other sources to improve performance. Powered by Microsoft technology, EY UtilityWave supports clients in accelerating the digitization of network assets and operations, delivering new energy services and reshaping for the future.

What EY can do for you

A new energy world demands new capabilities. Power and utility companies must act now to reap the rewards of a rapidly changing energy ecosystem.

  • Artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) are proliferating across the energy value chain. By 2025, more than 50% of power and utility companies will be spending more on automating operations with an emphasis on edge, AI and ML technologies.1

  • Distributed generation is accelerating. Self-generating power has already achieved cost parity with grid-delivered electricity in some regions.

  • Electric vehicle (EV) sales are expected to surpass those of vehicles powered by internal combustion engines in Europe and China by 2028 and 2033 respectively.

  • More engaged, sophisticated customers are increasing their participation in an interconnected energy ecosystem.

  • Frequent, and unpredictable, regulatory changes create challenging operating conditions.

EY UtilityWave: your digital network in the palm of your hand

EY UtilityWave helps accelerate the realization of your digital vision by putting control of your entire operations in the palm of your hand. It helps to provide the capabilities needed to tackle the biggest challenges of a decarbonized, decentralized and digitized energy system in one business-centric platform that connects multiple legacy systems, new IoT devices and diverse sources of data. With EY UtilityWave, you’ll be supported with broad visibility and control, helping to identify opportunities to accelerate the energy transition, unlock real value from your data and provide tangible outcomes, including improved customer satisfaction and operational savings.

EY Utility Wave Infographic

EY UtilityWave helps you to:

  • Plan and improve deployment of devices and drive vendor performance

  • Monitor field devices to predict, identify and resolve issues

  • Collect, store and analyze data to inform better operational and business decisions

  • Leverage AI to support field operators to improve in-field activities

  • Fast track the transition of corporate fleets to electric

  • Plan, deploy and manage EV charging infrastructure

EY UtilityWave in action: case studies

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