How are real consumers approaching and thinking about the energy transition?

Growing adoption of new energy technologies and solutions means we are all omnisumers — participants within a dynamic energy ecosystem across a multitude of places, solutions and providers — but in different ways that spans “will, want to and won’t." 

We help energy companies understand consumer expectations and transform their customer experience to meet those needs by putting people first.

Select a tile to explore the five ecoEnergy personas identified in our research.

Learn more about the five ecoEnergy profiles

Actively engaged in new energy options and advocates for sustainability
  • 55% own their homes.
  • 69% are willing to pay more for sustainable solutions.
  • Higher proportion of millennials and Gen Z.
  • First movers, willing to take risks and try new solutions.
Engagement approach
  • Cultivate as advocates and align with values.
  • Help them be at the leading edge with regular innovations.
Conscious of energy usage and aware of sustainable options
  • 51% own their homes.
  • 53% are willing to pay more for sustainable solutions.
  • Higher proportion of millennials and Gen X.
  • Optimistic about the energy transition.
Engagement approach
  • Reward and amplify positive engagement.
  • Create exclusivity and visible outcomes to build prestige.
Not interested and just want easy energy solutions
  • 31% are renters.
  • Higher proportion of boomers and Gen X.
  • Don’t know or care about sustainable actions and investments.
Engagement approach
  • Use the crowd and social pressures to influence.
  • Make it easy to take action.
Skeptical of sustainability and energy providers
  • Only 10% are willing to pay more for sustainable solutions.
  • Higher proportion of boomers and Gen X.
  • High interest in home solar and battery storage.
Engagement approach
  • Tap into tradition aligning with a trusted brand or group.
  • Offer hands-on experiences to prove a solution’s worth.
Dependent on energy providers for support and information
  • 80% are doing everything they can to be sustainable.
  • Say they need solutions better suited to their situation.
  • Trust government and energy provider for support.
Engagement approach
  • Focus on messaging and solutions that reduce costs.
  • Engage through community groups and local support systems.

Explore your role in the energy transition

Our research points to five consumer profiles, each displaying its own relationship with energy. Discover your ecoEnergy profile.

  • Together, Novices and Bystanders make up over one-third of consumers and are the “frozen middle,” resisting change due to a mix of indifference, skepticism and inertia. Activating these consumers requires companies to rethink traditional approaches around targeting early movers. More sophisticated engagement strategies and targeted value propositions (beyond sustainability) can appeal to the full spectrum of omnisumers.

    Consumer respondents by profile

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