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Trends and implications of the evolving energy consumer

In this webcast, broadcasting during CS Week, a panel including Uplight, utility executives and EY professionals will discuss energy enablement and the energy experience of the future. 

The energy experience is changing rapidly as digital, artificial intelligence and new energy programs, products and services leap forward. Yet many consumers are becoming less confident in their energy experience. It’s more important than ever for energy providers to tap into new technologies and ways of working to transform the customer and employee experience.

Tune in to this webcast, broadcast from CS Week, to hear insights focused on lessons learned and the new capabilities utilities will need to engage consumers and enable employees around energy flexibility, solve challenges with the energy fulfillment process (e.g., installing rooftop solar, home EV charging), and create value propositions that appeal beyond the early movers.

Listen to the webcast to learn more about:

  • Meeting customer needs and values
  • Driving affordability, accessibility and appeal in the customer experience
  • Adopting a more customer and employee-centric approach 



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