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When energy hits home, will providers be left out in the cold?

In this webcast, Live from CS Week, a panel from Kraken, part of Octopus Energy Group, and EY professionals will discuss insights from the conference and reinvention of the energy experience.

Passive energy customers are no more, and their actions — including how they participate in a dynamic energy ecosystem across multiple places, solutions and providers — will be a significant driver of the energy transition.

For energy providers, transforming the customer experience and creating greater agility is now essential for survival. Join this webcast, Live from CS Week, to hear from Kraken, part of the Octopus Energy Group, and EY leaders on evolving consumer expectations, the hierarchy of energy needs and values, and how providers will need to deliver beyond the basics to succeed in the decade of disruption ahead.

Learn more about:

  1. Delivering effortless customer experiences
  2. Meeting new consumer needs and values
  3. Approaches to operational and technology agility
  4. Personalizing energy experiences at scale

Speakers include:



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