Soft focus shot of racers on the beach at the Desert X-Prix, Extreme-E 2023

How legacy programs can drive environmental change

In this XE Talks webcast, panelists discuss environmental programs that deliver lasting, sustainable impact.

In its efforts to bring awareness to global climate challenges, Extreme E develops a legacy program in each race location. The programs focus on grassroots projects that empower the local community and improve environmental outcomes in the area, aiming to leave a positive legacy.

Extreme E identifies and implements the most suitable and impactful projects for each race location with support from and in collaboration with the Scientific Committee, partner NGOs, the private sector and the local community. Each project is aligned with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) as closely as possible and aims to provide long-lasting, sustainable solutions with maximum impact.

As global sustainability partner, EY teams work with an Outcomes Measurement Framework to help monitor, measure and report on the outcomes of legacy program projects.

The topics covered include:

  • How a sustainable sporting platform is being used to highlight the impact of, and need to take action on, climate change
  • What does an impactful legacy program look like? Learn about projects in Senegal and Scotland.
  • How to effectively select, measure and report on the impact of environmental projects

This webcast session is part of XE Talks. The EY organization and Extreme E are running a series of XE Talks to explore issues around climate change and sustainability.


CPE credits: 0.0

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