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Driving confidence in AI: FS perspective on Responsible AI

In this webcast, panelists will explore how financial services institutions can balance regulatory requirements, ethics, innovation and other considerations when building an agile governance framework.

Generative AI (GenAI) presents tremendous potential for financial services institutions (FSIs), but its adoption also holds risks and limitations if rolled out too hastily, and without a thoughtful approach. In order to truly embed this new technology into their organizations, FSIs need to lay the necessary groundwork for responsible activation and governance by investing time and resources in extending existing artificial intelligence (AI) governance and oversight frameworks to manage risks.

During this webcast, panelists will dive into the following focus areas:

  • What the key risk factors are that FSIs must be aware of when expanding their AI and machine learning (ML) strategy to incorporate GenAI.
  • How to enhance collaboration across key operational functions within an organization to ensure a holistic approach to GenAI governance and risk management.
  • How financial services should go about responsibly deploying, using and governing GenAI solutions.
  • What the impact is of President Biden’s October 30 executive order on AI development, deployment and governance for US FSIs.
  • What opportunities exist for fostering trust and adoption within and outside the organization.


  • Rani Bhuva, EY Americas Financial Services Responsible AI Leader, Ernst & Young LLP
  • Thomas Hardjono, CTO, MIT Connection Science and Technical Director, Internet Trust Consortium, MIT Connection Science
  • Jeff Saviano, EY Consulting Emerging Technology Strategy & Governance Leader, Ernst & Young LLP
  • Angela Saverice-Rohan, EY Americas Privacy Leader, Ernst & Young LLP
  • Brian Clark, EY Americas Financial Services Analytics Fairness Leader Ernst & Young LLP


CPE credits: 1.2


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