Sinclair Schuller

Partner, Ernst & Young LLP

Technology innovator and inventor. Avid outdoorsperson. Proud father.

As a leader of EY Americas Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Digital Platforms agenda, Sinclair brings 20 years of entrepreneurial experience in support of driving high-impact client outcomes.

Sinclair most recently co-founded Nuvalence, an AI- and platform-focused software development consulting company that was recently acquired by EY.

Prior to Nuvalence, Sinclair was co-founder and CEO of a venture-backed enterprise platform company Apprenda and a well-known industry thought leader. He holds a degree in Computer Science and Mathematics from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute in New York.

How Sinclair is building a better working world

The intersection of digital platforms and AI is creating a cross-industry tectonic shift in how people work and how they live.

I’m building a better working world by leading teams to develop innovative solutions that supercharge people’s ability to impact their workplace through intelligent software platforms.

Through intelligent platforms, people will be able to do much more than ever before while experiencing massive improvements in their quality of life.

Our latest thinking

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