AI will continue to transform the way we live, function and work. It’s important to be aware of AI affordance and leverage it to bring unbiased positive change.

Ash A Kaduskar

EY Americas Consulting Conversational AI Business Development Leader

Passionate about artificial intelligence and its applications. People leader. Family man. Table tennis player.

As the EY Americas Consulting Conversational AI Business Development Leader, Ash helps clients leverage AI in their transformation initiatives. He is also responsible for developing AI solutions to help solve his clients’ tactical and strategic needs.

Prior to his current role, he worked with several chief data officers from financial institutions to help design and implement scalable and sustainable data management programs.

He has held leadership positions at large enterprises with the responsibility for implementing data and analytics solutions that solve business challenges.

Ash holds an MS degree in Information Management Systems from Texas A&M University College Station and a BS degree in Computer Science from Mumbai University, India.

How Ash is building a better working world

“I help clients deliver enhanced experiences for their customers, employees and partners by using data, analytics and AI capabilities. AI capabilities such as virtual agents, NLP, machine learning and computer vision, help develop innovative solutions that provide personalized and engaging experiences in the digital age.“

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